Download Drivers Ed For iPhone and iPad

Driver’s Ed :

Who doesn’t like to drive a car or a bike, everyone does. But before you do that you should be licensed to drive and specially teenagers, to earn a driver’s license you must go through the permit test and to clear the permit test you need to study but you might not have enough time to sit at home and study, so this app is for you.This app from the iOS called Drivers Ed will now allow you to study for your permit test from any where from your iOS devices. The best part of your learning is that the app is free available on iTunes.

Download Drivers Ed For iPhone and iPad

The app contains quizzes as many as 350 that can test your each and every aspect of your driving ability without actually driving. Not only that your every move is recorded i.e; every time you take the test in the app your results are recorded. You can also track you progress by analyzing your previous records. You also have the facility to select the number of questions you want to take during a single test ranging from five to hundred. Here comes the least liked part of any drivers test,you have to read the whole drivers manual, but with this app you can read the drivers manual also in your device in PDF format with a crystal clear text. As the app works with state specific driver’s education course, you can even take it to get your licence.

Here comes the Key features of Drivers Ed,

  • Over 350 questions
  • Each Quiz pulls random questions, giving you a different quiz each time
  •  Select the number of questions you want in each quiz
  •  Results for each quiz are saved for your review and study. Tests can be retaken.
  •  Download your state’s Driver’s Manual so you can read and study any time
  •  Study with flash cards

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