The Phenomenal Apple’s MacBook Pro Vs MacBook Air (Quite a Difference)

 Apple MacBook Pro Vs MacBook Air :

It is believed that the 17inch MacBook Pro will be continued to be manufactured along with the 13inch and 15inch MacBook Pros which will be refurbished.

The newly designed MacBook Pro looks very similar in appearance as well as in structure with that of a MacBook Air. In order to make such changes, the casing requires a great deal of changes for enabling the internal parts of MacBook Pro to function properly and also get aptly fitted within. The fact that the MacBook Air is a changed version of the MacBook Pro is unknown to many people. It has most of the different connectivity and ports of the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air has the Magsafe connection, one Thunderbolt port and two USB ports for supply of power and charge.

The Ethernet port is not present in the MacBook Air. This is not a problem as the MacBook Air has Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11n Wi-Fi technology. As a substitute to the normal cable networking, this wireless connection helps the users to send emails, browse the net and even print document irrespective of where we are till an appropriate Wi-Fi connection is available in the vicinity.

The Phenomenal Apple's MacBook Pro Vs MacBook Air (Quite a Difference)

The clear big difference between a MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air is that the later does not feature optical drive. The Superdrive occupies a huge space in the major variety of Apple laptops. The Mac mini variety desktop models are similar to MacBook Air as they also does not feature the optical drive which the users have considered and adjusted with for quite a time.

There had been discussions and arguments that MacBook Pro might have to include devices like the SSD standardization in MacBook Air in full range. At present it is discretionary as it needs excess waiting time to permit configuration and installation of the gadget during sale through the Apple store. It is high time for Apple to formulate a shift to SSD with an ever decreasing manufacturing cost.

As always, it is yet another time to wait with tempting breath for Apple’s next magical device which has to be phenomenal.