10 Best iPhone Battery Saver Apps To Increase iPhone Battery Life

We love using smartphones, but dread the moment when the battery might run out of juice. Users often complain about their batteries draining too fast, and truth be told, no matter how advanced smartphones get, one issue which hasn’t been fully addressed, irrespective of the manufacturer, is small battery life. Here’s the list of the top 10 battery saving apps for your iPhone.

1. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor

This is a free battery management application and provides the most detailed information and advanced tools for iPhone users who want to keep a tab on everything that is going on with their iPhone’s battery. It has five menus providing detailed information about your battery’s workings. It also has a “Rank” menu which shows the each process’ individual battery consumption.

2. Battery Life Pro

Battery Life Pro

Although it may not have an attractive interface or be the most elegant battery saving app in the market, it more than makes up for these drawbacks with the large amounts of features and the ability to customize. It shows the battery percentage as a power gauge along with options in left and right. The option on the right lets you choose from among Push Mail, Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi, Push and EQ and see how much extra battery each of these functions would consume if turned on.

3. Battery

Bettry Power Free

This app is different because it doesn’t bombard you with a plethora of information about your battery. With a neat and minimalist interface, this app shows you the present charge on your battery and the time eight of the most important apps will individually require to drain the remaining charge.

4. Battery Manager

Battert Manager Pro

This app appears to be like all other battery saver apps out there. But it has a trick up its sleeve. It lets you choose an app from a given list, and with the help of a slider, select the amount of time that the process or app will be used by you. This nifty feature isn’t present on any other app, and is really intuitive.

5. System Status Lite

System Status Lite

This app is just like any other battery saving app in the market, but it also shows the current battery percentage. Though it may seem of little importance, it does have its benefits, as you can take your decisions according to the current charge.


6. Battery Saver

Battery Saver

It is a pleasant app that has an important role in the regulation of your iPhone battery. It has options to estimate the battery life and saving it. This app has received appreciation from iPhone owners.


7. Battery Master

Battery Master

This app can automatically detect your device and show you all relevant information about it. If you open the app while charging, it will notify you when the phone has been fully charged.


8. Battery Life Magic Pro

Battery Life Magic

It helps you make the most out of your iPhone’s battery by giving you helpful tips and practices, which when combined with the regular charging cycle of the device, will optimize your battery life and minimize drain.


9. 360 Battery Saver

360 Battery Saver

This is a free app that provides you with an accurate estimate of your battery level and the functions that use it. It also charts charging plans along with reminders everyday. It also provides charging logs and useful tips for maintaining battery.

10. Battery HD+

Battery HD +

This app has similar features like other battery saver apps, and can alert you when the battery is completely charged. It is to be noted that all estimates are provided by the app in 5% increments of battery charge.