10 Best News Apps For Android | Top News Apps For Android Smartphones

News Apps For Android :

We all wish to be connected to the world and keep ourselves updated with the latest happenings around us. Keeping in mind out busy lifestyles it is difficult for many of us to have a dedicated time slot to watch or look at news. Smartphone’s and internet have made this easier and now we can glance through what’s going around our city, country or globally with a mere click. News reading apps are quite a hit in the app market as almost each one us owning a smartphone which would subscribe to at least one to stay informed.

Let us discuss a few top of the ladder news reading apps which you may be using or would wish to use in your life:-

1. Flipboard


Flipboard is one the famous news reading apps which lets you take complete control of the news that you would keep an interest in. This beautiful app lets you source content from social networks like Facebook, Google+ LinkedIn and Twitter to offer you updates. You may subscribe to different blogs and sources depending upon your interest such as News, Technology, Photography and you will also get regular updates in your app board.

2. LinkidIn Pulse

LinkidIn Pulse

Pulse is among one of the popular news readers apps and to use it you have to sign at It comes with various options which let you customise what you wish to read as per your interests and the region. With features like offline reading and saving feeds on Instapaper, Evernote or Pocket make it a favourite for many.

3. Google Currents

Google Currents

Google current needs no introduction and allows you to watch your news feed in beautiful tiled view. It can translate articles from different languages from various websites for you to read and procure news from famous sites like Financial Times and PBS etc.

4. Feedly


Feedly is again a great news reader app with amazing and unique features like for different views to check your news feed. It lets you control your newsfeed with details or just line view for a glance. It also lets you save articles on its cloud for future reading. You may also share the articles using your social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter etc.

5. Paperboy

Paper Boy

With over 25 million feeds to choose from, paperboy is a popular news reading app. Its clean layout and display of photos in the feeds make it as a more interesting and appealing app to the users. It has great features which let you avoid the ads as well which refer articles for offline viewing and attractive swipe gestures to mark the articles for future read.

6. Reader+ (Reader Plus)

Reader + (Reader Plus)

With varied features and 4 different themes to offer to the readers, Reader+ also hits the stand among the top news reading apps. It allows the users to completely customise the apps appearance, notifications and feeds. You can also choose between left and right swipe navigation as per your comfort.

7. Press

Press News Apps

Press, a comparatively new app in the news reading apps in the market has picked up it’s appraise in no time. With user friendly navigation features like vertical and horizontal swiping for navigating articles and double tap feature to magnify any image or article makes it as a hit app among lots of readers.

8. Zite


This is a smart news app for anyone who picks up automatically on the more you use it and read. It automatically picks up feeds based upon your reading habits and interests and the application looks beautiful too. You may also get suggestions for different interests by using its search options.

9. Digg


Digg is an old player when it comes to news reading apps in the market and has got re-launched last year. It is a reliable news app and offers a great interface for smaller screen. Everything in this app is just perfect right from Photos, headlines and news sources. Its RSS feeder is an amazing feature where with a single tap, you get to see your custom feeds and lists and can even add new sources or save articles with an intention to read later.

10. Pocket


Pocket popularly is known as “save it for later” is an app which allows you to save any articles floating anywhere and then read it later.  It downloads the articles and saves it for later so whenever you have time you can access it and read it easily. Since, it allows you to pick and Pocket has no need for suggestions. Its elegant look on your device is soothing and user friendly as well.