10 Best Video Player Android Apps (Free and Paid)

The default video player of Android phones is not pretty much good and it does not offer many functions. So, according to me having a third party video player installed on your Android phone will be much more beneficial as there are so many of them which are available over Play Store. In this article I have mentioned few Video Player Android Apps which might find useful for many of the users who are looking for some good video players for their Android Mobile phone..


Click On The Image To Download The Player From Google Play Store :

MX Player – Free/Paid: $5.65

Mx Video Player

This is the most downloaded and trustworthy video player for android. You can change the settings of subtitles, where they should be displayed. You can even zoom any video while watching it. The free version of MX Player comes with ads, but they will be removed once the player is purchased. One more interesting feature about this player is that it never crashes.


  • Hardware acceleration
  • Every type of subtitle supported
  • Obscure formats also supported
  • Customizable seeker
  • Multi-core decoding available
  • Kids lock

Dice Player – Free

Dice Player

This player is in on the second position in my list. Because this player is absolutely free and it has those types of features which are generally found in some paid players. I will recommend you to keep this player in your phone even if you are not using it. Dice Player has a unique feature by which you can watch videos into pop-up mode while doing other tasks. You can move the pop-up window according to your need.


  • Great user interface
  • Smooth video playback
  • Multiple formats supported
  • Hardware and software modes
  • Audio pitch correction support

Wonder share Player – Free

Wonder Share Player

If you want to watch videos online then this player can solve all your problems. You can browse and stream videos from any site like Hulu, Vivo, and YouTube etc. This player too has a unique feature in which you can store videos to watch later.


  • Flawless streaming

BSPlayer – Free/Paid: $6.77

BS Player

BSPlayer is a video player which is most expensive player in my list, but I have added this player to the list because of its features and its stylish design. It can play video of any format and it is Android 4.4 Kit Kat compatible too. This player has a feature in which you can control videos from your Bluetooth controller too.


  • Network Playback of audio and videos
  • Multiple formats supported.
  • Built in subtitle downloader

VLC for Android Beta– Free

VLC Player Beta

VLC player for android is still in Beta stage so you won’t get much more advanced features in it. If you are familiar with the VLC player of windows, then you will love it because the working of this player is almost same as that of windows version. VLC player supports videos as well as audios too. You can control this player from home screen of your phone.


  • Multiple formats supported.
  • Multi-track audio support
  • Gesture controls for volume.

Archos Video Player – Free/Paid: $4.99

Archos Video Player

Archos Video Player is freely available on the Google Play Store. If you have a tablet then you must download this video player. This player has a feature in which you can attach your device to the TV and enjoy content remotely.


  • Network playback
  • External USB playback
  • Automatic information retrieval
  • In-app subtitle downloader

M Video Player – Free/Paid: $3.49

M Video Player

If you want to replace your default video player and want to try something new then this player is perfect for you. This player offers a lot of features. The app also supports tablets natively (no up scaling) so you get the best results. This player can download the subtitles automatically for the video, so you won’t have to surf the internet for subtitles.


  • Great video management tool
  • Custom playlists
  • Bookmarks in the videos

RealPlayer – Free

Real Player

RealPlayer is one of the most downloaded and used player in the world. If you have seen RealPlayer of windows then you can imagine how it will look and what features it has. This player comes with Real Video and RealAudio support. You can browse and watch videos online with this player.


  • Amazingly sleek interface
  • One stop media hub
  • Can play audio files too

V Player Video Player – Free 7 day trial/Paid: $4.99

V Player

V Player video Player is not an advanced player but it offers a simple and clean user interface to do tasks easily. V Player is something we can call a professional video player which focuses only on video. You can enjoy your video in full screen mode as it will not show anything in between the video. No lines, no ads, no options, just the video.


  • Multiple video formats
  • Hardware accelerated mode

Mobo Player – Free

Mobo Player

Mobo Player is a good alternative of the video players. This player too offers a lot of features. The only thing which makes it down is its interface. Although it can run any video, if you are looking for a video player which can show you video in simple form without much advanced options, then you can go with it.


  • Multiple video formats supported
  • Popular subtitles supported
  • Embedded subtitles support
  • Streaming enabled