4 Easy Ways To Enhance Your iPad Battery Life

The Apple iPad battery can incredibly sustain for as long as 10 hours. This is one of the many unique aspects of an iPad that makes it exclusive from similar other devices. In spite of having such a quality, the 10 hours long life of the battery may appear as inadequate for those who spend hours every day on their iPad.

It is irritating to see the low-battery sign on the screen while working with it. There are fortunately 4 easy ways to help you add up the life of your iPad battery. They are as follows:

1: Turn of the GPS The iPad 3G has the GPS feature which is rarely used. Turning off this feature might save the battery from being eaten up gradually. While using the Facebook or watching videos from home the functioning of the GPS feature is not required and can be turned on easily when it is necessary.

2: Turning of the feature Push Notification – This useful feature of an iPad helps many apps to inform you of any events or new messages without opening the applications. This actually reduces the life of the battery very fast as the gadget requires a periodical checking in order to find out if any event or messages needs to be pushed on the iPad screen for notification. This feature can be kept on for specific apps if needed or turned off completely.

4 Easy Ways To Enhance Your iPad Battery Life

3: Turning off the Bluetooth – The Bluetooth is only occasionally required during the transferring process of any files from one iPad to the other only when they are nearby. It reduces the battery life fast when kept on. It must be turned off in maximum times after the work is done.

4: Adjustment of brightness – The astounding feature of auto-brightness in an iPad helps it to adjust the brightness of the screen automatically as per the availability of light in the surrounding area, performing which the battery life of the iPad diminishes. To enhance the life of the battery it is important to make manual adjustments according to your convenience.

It is essential to know the minute details of an iPad that can enable you to use the wonderful gadget to its fullest following the innumerable helpful guides available.