5 Best Reasons To Buy An iPhone | iPhone or Nothing!

Why should I buy an iPhone?

The brouhaha over Apple’s iPhone makes me wonder what it takes to make iPhone the most talked-about smartphone. After a lot of research and inputs from friends and family using iPhone’s, I have found the answer to my question, but the same has given rise to an insatiable thirst of owning an iPhone.

The reasons which make iPhone the smartest phone ever made:

Simplicity and Style: iPhone is a package of both simplicity and style. It is easy to unlock, navigate and use an iPhone without the need to learn the same

The Apple App Store: The iPhone App store is the best and is more stable than any other in the market. The most obvious reason for this being that Apple ushered in the App Store and created a niche for itself in the market. The iPhone will always get the new Apps and updates, and research also indicates that the iPhone Apps are more “feature complete”.

5 Best Reasons To Buy An iPhone | iPhone or Nothing!

iPhone’s Media: The iTunes software, video management, podcasts, exceptional music application makes the iPhone a means of comprehensive entertainment with a variety of Tv shows, music, films, podcasts, ready to be downloaded and synced from the computer too.

Sleek, thin and light: Essentially the iPhone is sleek, thin and light and can be held in the hand like a phone and not like a tablet. It maintains the features of a phone rather than a tablet.

Faster processor and faster wi-fi: And why not? It is a Smartphone and it is the best one in the market, so it has the best speed and efficiency to cater to most of your needs.

Siri:  Upon research and review from family and friends I could gather one common reason for loving the iPhone and that is the Siri Application. With Siri your wish becomes its command, you send messages, make phone calls, schedule meetings, etc., by asking Siri to perform your tasks. All of this and Siri’s proactive nature makes it more of a friend than just a mere application.

iPhone camera is the BEST: No, I am not suggesting that the deciding factor for buying an iPhone should be because it has the BEST camera. Having said that, I really cannot overlook the fact that iPhone camera is one of the best in the market. The camera just transforms pictures into live canvases. You get good quality pictures in low light conditions also. With the iPhone camera, anybody can become a pro.

So now I know why the brouhaha, and what makes iPhone the best one in the market. An Apple (iPhone) a day keeps all problems at bay!