How To Add Music To An iPod Using iTunes In 3 Simple Steps

The process of adding songs to an iPod is referred to as Syncing. Syncing / Adding songs to an iPod – a seemingly Herculean task is made easy for you, in this Article. For adding songs to your iPod you need a Computer, an Internet connection, the iTunes software installed in the computer, and last but not the least – your library of favorite songs. The following is a step-by-step guide to help you through the process of adding songs to your iPod :

Step by step guide:

Step 1: Install iTunes in your computer

iTunes is a software application which has to be downloaded free from the Apple website.

Step 2: Download songs from the internet and create a library of songs in iTunes

The next step is to download your favorite songs from the Internet to your Computer. Music can be downloaded from various websites as well as from a host of file sharing programs. To aid all iPod users, nowadays, we also find certain websites which facilitate downloading songs, music and movies specifically for iPods. Having said that, you can also rip songs from your favorite old and new CD’s. You can also buy songs from the online music stores like the iTunes music store. Once the songs have been downloaded you have created your library of songs in iTunes.

How To Add Music To An iPod Using iTunes In 3 Simple Steps

Step 3: Transfer songs from the library to your iPod using the USB

Now connect your iPod to your computer by using the USB data cable. Once the iPod is connected to your computer, via the USB, thus enabling you to now see your iPod in the iTunes in your computer, by clicking on the ‘music’ icon you will be able to manage and organize the music / songs from the iTunes library to your iPod. You have the option of either transferring all the songs in your library in iTunes or transferring only selected songs to the iPod. After selecting the option, you have to click on the “Apply” icon and let the music be transferred to your iPod.

All said and done, now listening to your favorite songs on your treasured iPod is just a click away. Happy listening!