Addicted To Workouts! Is it Possible? | Is Exercise Addiction Possible?

Exercise Addiction:

Addiction to exercise seems like an example of a good kind of bad habit. Though the words “exercise” and “addiction” don’t appear together often, some research indicates that people who suffer from addictions like drinking and smoking could be at a greater risk of getting addicted to the rush of endorphin that gym-goers get after an intense workout. Although sometimes, exercise is said to catalyze the overcoming of bad habits, excess of it can have counter effects on the body. Though addiction to exercise is not considered as a serious health disorder, too much of it can mean compulsive behavior, which can cause trouble in one’s life.

Exercise addiction doesn’t simply make a person restless, though. Rare cases have also associated it with eating disorders. Addiction to exercise is subjective. Exercise addiction occurs when you become dependent on the feeling of ecstasy that comes with exercise. While you’re maintaining a healthy habit of exercising, it becomes difficult to judge when you’re becoming addicted to workouts. For this reason, research indicates that a small amount of people actually bear the negative side effects of exercise addiction. These include increased vulnerability to injury due to the muscle tissues, joints, ligaments and tendons being overstimulated, and constant fatigue due to rest being neglected.

Even though a small percentage of people who work out frequently may be susceptible to becoming addicted to the endorphins released during exercise in order to “feel good” about themselves, the chances of you being addicted to too much exercise are slim. Gym-goers experience a natural “high” after a successful workout session, but that does not mean it will take you into withdrawal if you don’t get enough exercise. But, your tendency to be at the gym all the time will have a marked effect on your personal and professional lives. Exercise is often referred to as a way to overcome bad habits, rather than being an addiction itself. If you’re seriously concerned about spending too many hours at the gym, consult your physician. Or else, continue to work out so as to make yourself more physically and mentally fit.