Android Auto – Android Into Cars – How And Why

Android into Cars:

Here comes Android into your cars, Google completely wants to creep into each and every part of your life. After Tablets, TV’s, Phones, Watches and even into Glasses their next step is to take over Automobiles. Here comes Android Auto, built especially for cars which links directly to the Android device held by the driver. The driver can operate most of the functions using the touch screen provided or by using the voice recognition button provided on the car’s steering. This version of android is mainly developed to minimize distractions caused mainly due to phone.

Android Auto - Android Into Cars - How And Why


The connection between your phone and automobile needs a physical medium which is a bit disappointing in this era of Bluetooth technology, but it’s good enough in order to make more solid connection between automobile and phone. Once the phone is connected, a home screen appears on the dashboard. The system will quickly access the apps you’re likely to operate in a car, such as Google Play Music, text messaging and maps navigation by organizing them into simple cards. To reveal out the mechanical condition of the car, such as leaking tire and burnt out taillight, there is an option provided on the home screen.

Android Auto will be a tough competitor to Apple’s Car-Play which was unveiled in March this year. Many automakers have agreed to install this Android App into their models. These include Ford, Volvo, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Nissan etc. Brands like Volvo and Honda have promised to offer both systems. The first vehicle to bring this Android Auto into market is the Hyundai Sonata, which will be available in late 2014.