Android L Developer Preview | A Quick Look At Android L

Android L:

Android mobile operating system has unveiled its upcoming release Android L on June 25, 2014 at Google’s I/O developers’ conference. Currently it’s available for a few selected Google Nexus devices (nexus 7 etc.) only and is expected into manufacturing in late 2014. Android L is not the official name given to the new Android version. This version of Android has something different and enjoyable, which Android fans will be able to enjoy not only on mobiles but also on TV’s, desktop and watches too.

Now let us see how this version of Android is different from its older versions like Android KitKat. Google put forth material design that uses more tactile surfaces, more fluid motion and bolder graphics. The most considerable thing is that everything has a new animation attached with it. Everything is colorful, bright and lively. Moving forward there is a great change in looks and functions relating notifications. Now you need not unlock your phone again and again, to go through the notifications. As now the notifications will be seen even if the screen is locked. Google has adopted card-style layout for the display of notifications. You can also display it as large banners across the screen with their action buttons added by, a do-not-disturb feature also. The main thing for a Smartphone is its battery life; here in Android L their goal is to improve battery life and also focuses on this issue by improving options for low battery.

Android will be easier to work with as Android L will increase the performance and fasten using 64-bit support and ART. This ensures that less battery and memory will be used, as we can access many tasks at once, all being efficient and faster. This looks promising that future Android versions can access more than 4GB of RAM.

These are few things that have been put forth related to Android L. It is difficult to get a complete idea about what actually this is going to be when it becomes available in the market, but it’s enough to get an overview.