Apple’s iPod Shuffle : Good Things Come In Small Packages

Apple’s iPod Shuffle:

Good things come in small packages and the iPod Shuffle is the best example. It is the smallest, being as big as a matchbox, sleek, bright and colorful and the simplest to use. Its bright colors make it a cool accessory to adorn. However being small in size does not compromise on its sound quality, which is really good.

The iPod Shuffle is best suited for people on-the-go, morning walkers, fitness freaks, students, and people who love to listen to music while on the run, because it is easy to clip it around without any hassles.

The iPod Shuffle does not have a screen, but the clickable track pad allows the user to navigate through and manage songs. To play and pause you must press the center button, the outer buttons are used to skip forward or back and for adjusting volume. Flipping the shuffle switch allows you to listen to music your way.

Apple’s iPod Shuffle : Good Things Come In Small Packages


The iPod Shuffle comes with a Voice over button on top of the iPod Shuffle, which when pressed, tells the name of the playlist, the artist, the genre of song, etc. And the uniqueness of the Voice-Over being that it speaks 29 different languages.
The Shuffle also allows fixing a maximum level of volume under its iTunes settings.

The blinking lights on the front and back of the iPod shuffle indicates the battery life, since the Shuffle does not have a screen. The Shuffle has 15 hours of playback time.

The iPod Shuffle is the best in terms of price, features, design, sound quality and is definitely a true companion to the fitness freaks.