How To Create Perfect Flipagram Music For Flipagram Videos

Flipagram Music :

The world has gone social and so does the thinking and liking of the people. Today the social world has many apps which keep us connected to our very own virtual world. Now, what most you like when you’ve got everything in your smartphone having loads of features and apps? Well, if you ask me, then most of us like to click the moments we enjoy the most.

But, what’s next after clicking them? I guess some of us like to share them on the social networks like Instagram, FB, Twitter and many more to show our beloved ones that how we enjoy our life and rest keep these photos as a memory in their PC and laptops. Now, I’m wondering, what if we could do something different with all these snaps or with those about which we’ve forgotten after uploading on our different social accounts.

Well, I got a plan chalked out for you. There is an app called Flipagram and this allows you to make short movies and videos with all your images and with the touch of music as well, before you can show the world again, the moments you lived enthusiastically. The app is available on every smartphone platform, viz Android, iOS and Windows.

How To Create Perfect Flipagram Music For Flipagram Videos

However, the tuning of music looks like an area of concern to many of us because the perfect timing of music is something very important to make these cameos work. So, here I’m with all the details you require to tune your music perfectly while you experiment with your photos using Flipagram.

Create Perfect Music for Flipagram :

The Flipagram is itself a complete app with all the features inbuilt in it and you don’t need to go somewhere else to for the perfect timing you require. Though, you must learn to use it completely. Now, when you upload photos to the video, you get options to select music as well. And, after uploading the music or song from your computer or cloud service you go for music timing tuning. Here is how you do that.

  • Make sure you’ve selected all the photos which you want to upload.
  • Now, tap on the next button on the top right of the window.
  • Here you can adjust the Instagram auto time on or off setting; it is 15 seconds if you wish to make a Flipagram movie for Instagram.

Next, if you wish to share your Flipagram movies somewhere else, then adjust the speed meter left to right to set the photos according to the music.

Now, for further timing settings, you need to tap on the Plus (+) button on the top right side and then move the Wavefrom till you get the exact result of what you’re looking for, and that’s all!

It was easy I guess! Apart from that, there are a few things which you do with your music like auto selecting the wording from where you want to start the song or adding Title at the beginning and many more. I hope you’ll be enjoying the Flipagram with all the details shared above. Still, if you face any issues or have reviews, do let us know in the comment section below and we’ll help you out.