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iPadian For Mac & Windows

The world today we’re living in has gone smart in all the directions. Although, not all the people on this good earth, but a considerable amount of people are using the smartphones and so the developers come with apps daily to lure them and of course to assist them as well. Now, these apps virtually can do everything for the people like paying bills, banking, shopping, gaming, music and everything else you could imagine, can do with the tap of your finger.

But, there has been the rivalry in the market to rule the throne of smartphones OS, and I guess you know what names I’m going to mention here. Well, yes, you got it right, the OS, which has the biggest market is Android from Google used by almost 75% smartphone users and the other is iOS from Apple use by almost the rest of the people. Both the OS has the millions of apps to entertain their users and fight is still on. Though I like iOS personally as it makes me feel a bit more secure than Android does.

But I guess, we’re not here to talk about the OS superiority, but how to use these apps on your PC with mostly Windows as OS. Well pals, I guess you know the method of using the Android apps, that is by installing the Bluestacks emulator on your PC. But, what about iOS apps? Don’t worry, I got that here and the below method will let you use the apps on your Windows and Mac PC.

How to Use iOS Apps on Mac and Windows:

Just like the Bluestacks, there is an emulator for the Windows and Mac too, for the use of iOS apps and here below are the steps you need to follow to do the same.

How To Download iPadian For Mac And Windows | iPadian For Mac |iPadian For Windows

Installing iPadian on Windows and Mac:

The first step is almost the last as there is nothing much left after that, but I must tell you all and here below are those a few steps.

  • Go to the Xpadian official website.
  • Click on download at the bottom.
  • The file will be in zip format so you need to extract all the files.
  • Now, just click on the ‘.exe’ extension file to run the software and that’s all.
  • Now, I bet there couldn’t be anything simpler than this process while you’re dealing with the computer. Isn’t it?


The Windows users are no doubt very high in numbers if we compare them to the smartphone users or more specifically the iOS users. So, if they want to use some of the apps of iOS or Android on their PC, then there must be a way out and the iPadian does exactly the same.

The i-Products are known to keep up the identity of the user anonymous and are less vulnerable to the bugs, so the people want to use their apps anyhow. And, I guess the iPadian does exactly the same and with the above described method you can always use the emulator on your Mac and Windows PC with ease.