Healthy Diet Plan | A Balanced Diet Is Always A Healthy Diet

From childhood, we have been said that a proper nutrition is the most essential factor for maintaining a good health and fitness. And proper nutrition can be maintained by maintain a proper and healthy diet. A proper diet chart can be prepared by asking a dietician. A healthy diet is a balanced amount of every nutrition required by the body. This balanced nutrition can be obtained by in taking various foods rich in these nutrition. Foods like fruits, vegetables, and fishes, dairy products and nuts which are the primary resources for proteins are some of the important ones. Along with these, minimal amounts of sugar, salt, caffeine, fat and alcohol are also required.

Now, in-taking this food ensures that you will be perfectly fit. But, suppose, if you go with one of your friends, who is in a different profession than you, to the dietician and both of you get a diet chart each, you will probably notice that both of you have got a slightly varying diet chart. This is due to the reason that both of you work in different fields, so both of you have different requirement of each nutrition.

But, in-taking a larger value of foods than necessary will lead to fattiness which in long turn might turn into a disease named obesity, which affects the well-being of a healthy human in several ways. Nowadays, children in-take large amounts of fast food which contain mostly fats, which accumulates and causes obesity.

In-taking a lesser amount of food than necessary will make a human mal-nutrition. India, being an under-developed country, most of the children below poverty-line suffer from mal-nutrition. Thus, in order to maintain a proper health and fitness, one needs to be aware about how much food one needs to take-in in every meal.