Indian Woman Chased, Kicked A Molester In Public

A brave Indian, reportedly Bangalore woman, who was molested by a guy in public, ran after the molested and kicked him with her leg showing the real courage of a women.

As the video shows, the guy might have spit some illegal words on to the girl who is passing by the road. The girl, responding to the guy-molester immediately ran after him, stopped him after a short chase and the ordered him to knee before her with his hands on the ground. The molester feared for the lady as she was shouting in public to kneel, so he knelt before her. The brave girl the kicked him with her leg and then left him to go away.

The other brave girl who, with her spontaneous thinking, captured a video so that she might complain about the molester or for future purpose. Both the girls did a great job in treating a molester and showing how a woman should be when someone molests or threatens and how spontaneously you should react to a situation like it.

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