The Magic Of Mac | The Most Evolved OS Of All Time

Operating systems is the communicating bridge between a computer and the user. The commands the user gives are interpreted by the operating system. Commonly there are two types of operating systems in existence for general public use. The DOS based and the LINUX based. The DOS based operating systems didn’t have a graphical user interface. Mackintosh or ‘Mac’ as later patented by Apple was one of the first to have used a graphical user interface.

History of mackintosh can be divided into two stages. The classical mackintosh existed till 1997. In face of stiff competition Apple started incorporation of structural elements from a then unused but highly potent operating system. That was NeXT originally designed by Steve Job. It provided for structural strength to an operating system designed for wide range of uses.

One important feature of Mac is the use of firmware. It checks all the input devices as well as the processor during startup. It also allows the processor to slow down should the chip overheat. It is not exactly software but a coat of instructions installed in the hard disk first. Every time the computer running Mac operating system is turned on this feature checks all the drives and processors to keep them in optimal working condition.

Another important part in the architecture of Mac is what they call kernel. It is the mastermind of the operating system. It was designed in collaboration with Berkeley University and has a UNIX based extension that makes running codes and complex software easier on Mac. The kernel is also responsible for the secured nature of Mac operating system. It exerts control over the input output system as well as the processing unit. It allows data to be downloaded and deleted as per the choice of user but not others. The kernel is also responsible for the fact that different types of cables like fireware and thunderbolt can be run simultaneously.

Further discussion is beyond the scope and will require special knowledge. The discussions about the hierarchy, architecture and various reasons for versatility of the platform created using an operating system will require in depth knowledge. Without an in-depth knowledge in technologies and its various aspects it is impossible to do so. In short Mac gives us simple and safe computing with high capability to meet our needs. This makes it highly popular and sought after among all people.