How To Set Up And Use Fingerprint Lock On iPhone 5S

What Is Fingerprint Lock?

Apple the technology giant, ushered in a game-changing new feature in the 2013 edition of its smartphone series, the iPhone 5S. Its name, as we now know, is the Fingerprint Scanner, or Touch ID. In a brilliant move, Apple introduced this one of a kind feature that other smartphone manufacturers are now cursing themselves for not having thought of it earlier. The iPhone 5S actually contains a fingerprint scanner and is not just a gimmick. This thing scans your fingerprint in real time before it unlocks your phone.

How Does It Work?

The idea is simple. You place your finger on the Home button of your iPhone 5S, and the new Touch ID sensor reads your fingerprint and unlocks your phone. It aims to make your iPhone more secure and also enhance the ease of use. Touch ID also does away with the hassles of sliding to unlock and entering four digit passcodes. It also will replace your passcodes and App Store password with a scan of your fingerprint in the near future.

Although only 170 microns thin, it has a high-resolution 500 ppi sensor that can read intricate details of your fingerprint. The Home button is made of sapphire crystal, which is one of the clearest and hardest materials available. It provides protection to the sensor and also doubles as a lens to focus it on your finger.

Setting Up Fingerprint Lock

Though iOS Setup Assistant automatically configures Touch ID, you will still need to enter a four-digit passcode. Touch ID will reduce the frequency of you having key in this passcode, but it will be required during enrolling new fingerprints. Also in the event that Touch ID cannot recognize your fingerprint, the passcode can be used to unlock your iPhone.

If your Touch ID wasn’t configured during setup, you can do it later. The steps are:

1. In Settings, go to General, then Touch ID & Passcode. Click Touch ID.

2. Click and add a fingerprint.

3. Hold one finger against the Home button until the phone vibrates.

4. Continue to press the Home button, while changing your finger’s angle by a small amount every time. Every time you tap the finger on the Home button, the fingerprint gets a bit more detailed.

A maximum of five different fingers can be added to Touch ID, if you want to give access to a family member to unlock your iPhone. To add more fingers, from General, go to Touch ID and Passcode, and then enter your password. Then, click Touch ID and after that Add a fingerprint. Now, add a fingerprint. Finally, you’ve finished adding another finger to the list of people who can unlock your iPhone 5S.

Using Fingerprint Lock To Unlock Your iPhone

1. Once you’ve set up Touch ID on your iPhone 5S, there are two ways in which you may unlock it.

2. In the first method, you can press the Home button to wake your phone up, and place your finger on the Home button to unlock your phone.

3. In the second method, press the Sleep/Wake button to wake the phone up. Then hold your finger against the Home button, and your phone will be unlocked.

4. After you have made two attempts, the option of entering your passcode to unlock the phone will be given to you. If you keep using Touch ID for two more attempts, you will have to enter your passcode to unlock the phone.