How To Set Up a Voicemail And Send a Voicemail From iPhone And iPad

Bought a new iPhone / iPad and you want to start off with your voice-mail, so that your callers never go unattended. But since you are not akin to the process of sending voicemail from your device, you are feeling lost. Set aside your worries and follow the below simple steps which would allow you to set up your voice-mail:

Click on the green “Call” button on the home screen of the iPhone / iPad. Clicking on it will open the “Call” Screen of your iPhone / iPad.

Locate the “Voice-mail” icon on the right hand side bottom of the Call Screen. Upon clicking the “Voice-mail” icon, the Voice-mail Screen opens up.

Locate the “Set-up” icon and click on it to start the process of setting up your Voice-mail.

The Application would ask you to enter a password at this juncture. After typing the password, click “save” to save it. The application might ask you to type the password twice. Remember this password since the same would be required for accessing your Voice-mail.

Now record the greeting which you would like your callers to hear or you can use the default greeting also. Once the greeting has been recorded to your satisfaction, you click on the “STOP” icon and click on the “Play” icon to listen to it before saving it. If you are satisfied with your greeting you can click on the “Save” icon. If you are not satisfied with the greeting, you may repeat the above procedure by clicking Voice-mail > Greeting > Custom > Record

Now you can easily check your Voice-mails on your iPhone / iPad by clicking on “Voice-mail” icon. By clicking on the particular message you can listen to it and then delete it by clicking on the “delete” icon on the message. You can also call back the person who sent you the Voice-mail, by clicking on the message and clicking “Call back”.

Now you can set up an Alert tone which would notify you of any Voice-mail received, by going to “Settings” > “Sounds” > Voice-mail”