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Temple run is a most popular and interesting android game app which has been brought by imangi studios. It is an interesting yet an entertaining android game which has won the hearts of lots of people. It often keeps people busy by making available a lot of stunning features for them. With its startling features, this android game has proved to be a well-known and interesting game for a large number of people all over the globe. Everyone is busy making the high scores and as maximum as they can and thereby strike their near and dear ones which make it as a more attention-grabbing game for all those who are playing it. Swiping, sliding and jumping to shun the obstacles and to gather the coins, buying some power ups and to unlock the new characters are some of the most motivating characteristics you will get to see in this enticing game.

Apart from all these things, this well-liked temple run android game has made everyone addicted towards its impressive features. It has more than 50 million players all over the globe along with an installation of about 10 crores to 50 crores people. It is such an amazing yet a thrilling game which is like an entertainment for all. It has also been considered as an entirely dissimilar game by a lot of people as compared to all the other games. So, play this amazing android game named Temple run and enjoy it with its lots of ceaseless and fascinating features. Apart from this, temple run game has a guide, codes and cheats which make it as a more popular game for all the people.

Whenever it comes to playing this game, you just need to go to your android’s Google play store and download it which is a game you can easily download in a single click with no cost at all. While playing this game, you can collect the coins wherever possible and purchase the power ups which is an unproblematic technique to make the high scores and challenge your friends and family members.

Codes and cheats of this popular thrilling game

Cheats for free running

If you want to get success and make the high scores in this game while challenging with your near and dear ones, you need some tricks and cheat codes for doing so. For this, you need to go to the options in the main menu and then turn on to the tutorial mode. The next step is to begin your tutorial at the time when you are sliding your finger in the right way 3 times which can really make it fast enough so that you can run everlastingly.

Passwords to be used

On the title display, enter the codes given below:

samhines86 for unrestrained invincibility

rxh7nigh for unlocking some additional new characters

How to enter these codes

As far as its way to enter is concerned, it entirely depends upon the version of the game, you are operating.

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