Top 10 Best Android Music Player Apps For Samsung, HTC, SONY And Micromax

In this fast going world, every person seems to be surrounded by lots of tensions and stress and in order to get rid of these unwanted worries and stress; people often make use music to listen. Music makes them feel fresh and thereby provide them a new atmosphere. There are a large number of music players for android but finding the top 10 can be quite tricky. So, if you are looking for the top 10 best music payers for android, have a look at some of them mentioned below:-

Double Twist Music Player:

Double twist is among the top 10 music players for android. It is a capable music player with a latest updated design. It is a player which provides its excellent service to its customers and it also offers a radio station which you can easily get for a subscription.

Equalizer + Mp3 Player:

It is another music player for your Android device, whose visualization is wonderful enough. This player is considered suitable for tablets and Android. Along with this, you can earn points just for unlocking its full package rather than purchasing it.

Google Play Music:

An android based music player named Google play music allows you to upload at least 20,000 songs to the Google play website. It has a wide collection of songs for the subscribers to enjoy to their fullest.

Jet Audio Music Player:

Jet Audio is among other best music players of android in this list which has a ton of features. It has amazing features which make this player really good looking and better performer. You can also try it before you wish to buy it which is nice enough and its interface also looks pretty good.

N7 Player Music Player:

Another low ranged music player named n7player is also among the top 10 music players of android. This app’s interface rotates around some multi-sized artists and album names and it brings with it an extremely brave and different designs. As an android music player, it performs its functions in a better way and as it should and you can also use the free version of this app anytime and from anywhere you want to. What all you need is an internet connection with an android phone in your hands. That is always a win.

Neutron Music Player:

Neutron Music Player has been considered as the highest rated app in our android Google play store. The UI of this music player app of android is a bit outdated but its feature list is long enough and it is a very solid music application of android. You will have to pay money for it outright because no trial version for this amazing music player app of android is available.

Player Pro Music Player:

Player Pro is among top 10 best music players of android which is highly rated music application and which is seem to be enjoyed by a lot of people. You can easily take the demo of the features of this wonderful app in the trial version right before purchasing it. It comes with a standard and a block-based border with tabs for navigation purpose. With zillions of great features and some out-of-the-box matter available of this music player app, it is a solid option.


PowerAmp is also considered among the best top 10 players in the music player genre of android. This wonderful music player app for android is always highly recommended by a lot of people mainly due to the fact that this app has always been seen bringing exhilarating features for an exceptionally long time. Its rating of 4.7 on the Play Store of Google is the best on list. A number of people trust it and bloggers also recommend it.

Rocket Music Player:

Rocket Music Player app is another best music player app for android which is seen to be packed with a lot of exhilarating features which integrates with other android applications, and seems to work quite well. This app is also among the one which has been recommended by a lot of people to enjoy it with its amazing features.

Shuffle Music Player:

This player is the last and certainly not the least on this list of the top 10 best music players of android. This music player app of android takes a more naive approach and has only the characteristics which are needed to make it a good quality music player without any of those other things.