10 Best Apps Like Spotify For iPhone, iPad, iPOD And Mac

Apps Like Spotify:

Modern mobile gadgets haven’t always cluttered well with the music. Nowadays, everybody wants to get the best music app to enjoy every beat of their favorite song. While almost every one of you know about Spotify and Pandora, but there are a host of amazing ingenious apps and sites that facilitate us to search, connect with and share the music we love like never before. So, given below is the list of some best new music apps which have the preeminent capability of offering certified music beats for both the listeners and aspiring musicians.

10 Best Apps Like Spotify For iPhone, iPad, iPOD And Mac

Founded in October 2008, by Swedish startup, Spotify was aimed to provide a commercial streaming of music which can be explored by the tags like favorite artist, genre, playlist and even record label. From old favorites to latest Hollywood and Bollywood hits, Spotify is the best application which gives you instantaneous access to millions of songs. Simply download the Spotify and play with your favored music. While going by the internet statistics the app has already passed the reach of 20 million users with 5 million paid subscribers.

1. Discovr

Considered as one of the most powerful engines in the gadget world, discover is the best app which helps you to find your favorite artists along with the entire genre you routed on your modern musical tastes. While the app also provides a very innovative technique which helps you to make great use of visuals and skeleton charts to draw connections and highlight similarities between artists.

2. Rdio

Even though the music on Rdio looks like just another music streaming service, but the best Part of the app is that unlike other apps where you don’t know who else is using it, Rdio gives you an opportunity to know what your favorite artist is listening because they too use this service.

3. SoundHound

Particularly designed for anybody who’s ever had an unidentifiable song stuck in their head. The application allows you hum, mutter or sing softly whatever lyrics you remember of your favorite track and after that the app will then immediately starts looking up the name of the song you had in mind. While the app also helps you to find the oldest song that you might have heard on radio.

4. IHeartRadio

Before the era of music on mobile gadgets, there was something which people used to hear music and that was the era of Radio, the original music streaming service. But as the time passed the craze of listening to radio started vanishing. While for those who today also want to listen to the melodious numbers coming on the radio, IHeartRadio helps you to compile thousands of radio stations so that you can enjoy the best music.

5. CrowdSurge

Nearly all music fans have a love-hate (generally hate) relationship with Ticketmaster so this incredible app like Crowdsurge is an assured ticket vendor which provides an additional direct connection between various music performers and the people who have a great desire to see them. While the app is very friendly, cheap and easy to use app as compared to other apps.

6. Gigfunder

Gigfunder works like a Kickstarter independence drive and interestingly the is best suited for up-and-coming musicians to reach out their fans. Currently, Gigfunder is diminutive enough to get the best out of your love for music. While the app is not less than two years old, but the app assures you to give a powerful platform which builds a strong and an essential bridge between the artists and their fans.

7. Tomahawk

Now a day’s performers usually have different music records which are streaming on Spotify, SoundCloud, Rdio or GrooveShark. Tomahawk bridges across them to streamline all your much loved music into one centralized music player. Also with this incredible Tomahawk app the users can also easily bring together and organize their favorite track with their friends also.

8. SoundCloud

There is numerous large, liberated music on SoundCloud. While the artists regularly release their album previews and single on the streaming service, but the most valuable profit of the app is that the app is more suitable for electronics loving fans. However, the app is the best option for a lot of DJs who love to post Mixtapes and remixes on the site and all this is done free of cost.

9. Sound Cells

This is the most excellent app for anyone who possibly will never read music. The best feature of this app is that it helps to to rely on various grids, visual patterns and interesting sound cells, which certainly let you to create many incredible musical pictures using your iPhone. In essence, you can mess around with diverse pictures, visual ideas and create sound patterns based on them. Full disclosure: It’s reportedly especially enjoyable under the influence of certain illicit substances.