10 Best Simple Skin Care Tips For Teenage Girls and Teenage Boys

Skincare is a hot topic for every 20 year old, who plans to project his/her confidence through countenance. Looking prim proper and well groomed is not just a style-care issue, but it also treads into the formal/professional get-up domain. In this context, the sun is not the most faithful friend of teenagers, who need to traverse in the scorching heat and sultry noon winds, be it academic or office. A few hacks to cheat the natural wear and tear of your facial skin and maintaining its health are as follows:

10 Best Simple Skincare Tips For Teenage Girls and Teenage Boys

Avoiding the Sun for the most part:

Umbrellas have always been a big help in sheltering both the face and the body from the direct hit of the sun. If the mercury soars enough to let the loo winds in, then it would behoove you to wrap a scarf around your face, save for your eyes. For the professional touch, a sunscreen goes a long way to help you fight back against the heat.  A perspiration and water resistant sunscreen lotion works the best.

Extensively Cleaning The Face:

Goes without saying that a cold wash is a must after a hot day in the sun and is applicable to everyone looking to relieve themselves off the stress. Some would say there is no harm in going the extra mile and investing in a face wash that suits you; it is usually the one that has the least irritation given your skin type.

Regular Moisturization:

A complementary step next to face-washing which removes the dirt and sweat glazed stains from your face but also tends to leave the skin pores susceptible to consequent germ and grime which can lead to deteriorate the skin. Moisturizers also soften your skin.


Deep cleanses are not a must, but it usually helps to follow the regimen. A deep cleanser not only tends to any underlying pimple growth, but also takes care of minor skin damage and helps in removal of dead skin. However, it is imperative that exfoliation is carried out in a gentle fashion. Usually rubbing the paste with a soft hand in circular motions is a good way to start the step.

Bed Time Care:

Bed-time care is generally a habit of the overly skin-protective by general consensus. However, it has proven to produce positive results for both men and women. The job of a night cream is to act on the skin and help it maintain the level of nutrients, needed to look healthy and fresh.

It is not unusual for contemporary teenage boys and girls to be susceptible to tanning and lack luster skin, given that the majority of the generation is bound to work prolonged hours in the open. The competitive 20 year old on the go should be aware of their dermal health because the effects start showing in the early 30’s. Radiance of the face is almost proportional to preemptive care in the early ages and serves well to be always practiced regularly.

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