5 Best Apps To Experience Android In Depth | Must Have Android Apps 2014

The relevance of Android as compared to mobile technology seems to increase exponentially with every passing day. At this juncture, it would be next to impossible to acquire the best Google based smartphone experience without shelling out lump-sum amounts. The bone of contention behind the Google based platform was to bring the smartphone experience closer to the budget savvy tech enthusiast. The Android experience can be fine-tuned for the best to optimal experience varying from user to user. A range of apps can be always found at the user’s handy on the Android market or the Internet to push the envelope:

 1. BBC Weather App:


The BBC weather app is an obvious contender for one of the top spots, if not always for its utility then simply because of the numbers it has raked up in patrons. Featuring a host of widget formats to customize the user interface. To sweeten the pot, the app features a three tier interface: a forecast for the day, a forecast for the next 48 hours and lastly a third panel accessible with consecutive left swipes, an hourly detailed weather report.

2. Vine:

Vine AppFor the entertainment-hungry smartphone user on the go, Vine would be a welcomed addition to his arsenal. Not only does the app let you shoot videos, but it also makes room for you to view videos from other Vine users at the same time. The application allows you to favorite other users and browse them at leisure.

3. Dropbox:

Dropbox App

Personally the holy grail of cloud computing, Dropbox is a must have application for users across both handheld and computer users. Allowing copious amount of space for you to store your precious files, share them across electronic mail and social media, and albeit with other Dropbox users; this application is the absolute necessity for the smartphone user, who wants to access his files on the move.

4. Google Keep:

Google Keep App

Google Keep is a note taking application offered by the web and platform giant for the creative Android user. Essentially to facilitate the documentation of your finest moment of brilliance or remembrance, while mobile, Google Keep also allows you to voice record your messages too.

5. Spotify:

Spotify App

Probably the most popular application on the list, simply owing to the fact that it allows you to generate your own radio-cum-playlist. Spotify now offers you the same tabbed interface as the desktop version of it. Providing seamless music for the audiophile smartphone out there, Spotify has been generous enough to expand its nifty music streaming service to non-paid users out there too.

The Android experience is a seemingly ever-expanding universe of tools that are meant to truly revolutionize and serve as a game-changer simply for its vast range of applications. Reeking of utility as the “Smartphone”, the Android experience does not simply end with your boilerplate variety of applications as already suggested by the list above. Affordable and unorthodox, the Android experience has vistas left untouched, to be categorized in the next line-up.

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