Best 5 Jobs You Can Never Explain Or Convey To Parents

Never Explained Jobs

When it comes to jobs, it is either engineering or medicine, especially to Indian parents. If you’ve decided to choose some totally different career path, then you are most likely to be encountered with several queries by your parents. For most of us, a dream job comes with passion, thrill, excitement, fun and of course money. But, our parents are sometimes unable to understand this ‘passion’ because they want you to select something ‘practical’.

Sneak a peek at best 5 jobs which are difficult, in fact frustrating, to explain or convey to your parents.

1. Wildlife Photographer

Can you make your parents understand that wildlife photography has an exciting and potentially glamorous career too? It can be difficult because your parents are just going to imagine you holding a camera in mid of a scary forest, with all kind of wild animals ready to eat you alive or worse they can imagine you enjoying a safari. Numerous wildlife channels, websites and government regulations has given a new hope to this career.

Best 5 Jobs You Can Never Explain Or Convey To Parents

Wild Life Photographer

2. Social Media Manager

Just spending long hours on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc. can render you handsome money. Sudden increase of internet users persuaded the companies to endorse their brands through social media. Social media marketing coordinators write unique content and they have to stick to their laptop screen most of the time. Your parents might think you are just chatting with your lazy friends instead of working.

Best 5 Jobs You Can Never Explain Or Convey To Parents

Social Media Manager

3. Celebrity Manager

The glamorous world has opened a wide range of opportunities for celebrity managers. It is more of a status symbol to have celebrity managers for artists, famous personalities and athletes. A person with energetic personality and exceptional communication skills can create the huge prospects for celebrities and help to represent and advance their careers.

Best 5 Jobs You Can Never Explain Or Convey To Parents

Celebrity Manager

4. Tattoo Artists

Creating a permanent impression can be taken to an entire new level once you’re operating as a Tattoo creator. Getting your skin inked is still unconventional to most of the parents in India. You must feel lucky if your parents allow you to get the required training before persuading it as a career. As you acquire expertise over years and your reputation grows, you will be able to charge additional for your abilities with ink. I hope you parents will be proud of your choice that day.

Best 5 Jobs You Can Never Explain Or Convey To Parents

Tattoo Artist

5. Personal Shoppers

This delightful job lets you earn money just by suggesting and organizing the closets of executives, professionals and public figures. While you will be busy to build up wardrobes of various clients, your parents might be thinking- When will you get a real job? Stay updated on the trends by visiting online fashion blogs, news sites, forums, etc. and your parents will be busy in shopping with your income.

Best 5 Jobs You Can Never Explain Or Convey To Parents

Personal Shoppers

Other than the above mentioned jobs, there are jobs like graphic designer, yoga instructor, sommeliers, video game testers, image consultants, public relations managers, etc. which can’t be explained to your parents without pulling your hair. Good luck explaining your parents, if you are doing one of these jobs.

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