Best Foods For Clear Skin, Skin Complexion, Acne Prone Skin, Elasticity And Glowy Skin

Good Foods For Better & Healthy Skin :

Glowing and shimmering skin is the ultimate dream of every girl, regardless of the age group. Girls are desperate enough to spend a fortune over cosmetic products, just to get that flawless skin. Whenver we see a girl with gorgeous skin, we end up consoling ourself by believing that she has got the beautiful skin by heredity. But seriously, is it the answer? Heredity can be responsible for awesome skin to some extent, but all you need is ‘correct’ food.

Do you always wish for radiant, shining and younger looking skin? Are you tired of using costly cosmetics, which in turn damage your skin by giving you wrinkles? If you are willing to maintain that radiant glow over your face, even after entering fifties, it is time to put rich nutrients in your plate. You might think, what has food to do with your skin tone? But, the main factor responsible for altering our natural skin tone is the choice of food items.

Blueberries and Oranges:

Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, oranges and plums contain a considerable quantity of antioxidants. Antioxidants can mop up free radicals, the harmful substance due to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, hence preventing early aging of the skin. These are also a great source of Vitamin C and help in clearing the spots.

Best Foods For Clear Skin, Skin Complexion, Acne Prone Skin, Elasticity And Glowy Skin

Fatty Acids:

If you are irritated with your dry skin, all you need to do is include a few more portions of fish, tuna, salmon, beans,trout, herring, olive oil, flaxseeds and walnuts into your diet chart. Omega-3 fatty acids helps in regulating oil production in your skin, along with keeping your skin hydrated. Moreover,their anti-inflammatory properties also help in relieving skin conditions, like eczema.

Green Tea:

Beginning your day with a cup of fresh green tea can work wonders for your body and skin. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and have special skin-protective qualities. The University of Alabama at Birmingham reveal that consuming green tea may reduce the chances of skin cancer. Along with it, green tea works effectively to slow down the signs of aging. What else can you demand for? Make sure to place green tea at the top of your food chart.


Being one of the most common foods, tomatoes give you several other reasons to toss it in your plate. It increases the collagen content in your skin, thus preventing it from sagging. Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and hence help in reducing the fine lines on the skin.

Butter Fruit or Avacado:

This fruit is loaded with 25 vital nutrients, including vitamins (A, B, C, E, and K) and minerals like copper, potassium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. It helps in promoting the circulation in body and skin and hastens the generation of new cells. Dermatologists often recommend the consumption of avacado to girls struggling with dull skin problems.

Dark Chocolates:

The good news for chocolate lovers (including me) is that the natural substances in dark chocolates, flavonoids, squeeze stress hormones. This leads to less collagen breakdown in the skin and smaller amount of wrinkles. According to a study, one form of the flavonoid present in chocolate even helped in skin hydration and thickness.