Most Common Ways To Get Slim Physique | Fitness Mantra Tips

My Fitness Mantra:

God has created everyone equal. But, have a look at our genetic makeup. Are we really same? Our life experiences make us unique among the human race. So, all different human beings with different body types need several kinds of fitness mantras throughout their whole life. Today, I am going to share my personal fitness mantra with you. It keeps me full of energy even at odd times. Thanks to different approaches I have learnt through years of practice, I feel actually healthy.

Let us talk about workout, the most common way to get a slim trim physique. The intensity of workout really depends on your day to day needs.

  • For high performance like sports persons, you need to have workout shaped to carve your rapid actions. High intensity workouts suit
  • For moderate performance people like industrial workers, low to moderate intensity workouts are optimal.
  • For low performance people like computer engineers, senior citizens and patients with chronic disorders, low intensity workouts are favorable.

To Get Slim Physique

People with high passionate lifestyle tend to pump iron regardless there needs in real life. So, everything is at your personal discretion. Exercise plays just 30% role for your calories to burn all the way, but diet is the major criteria for our health with 70% to account in our overall physique. Calculating every single calorie in our diet is a hectic thing. Do you really look at the calorie content of a packet of chips before consuming it? I know, the answer is a big NO.

All athletes and mindful people have been masters of tactful eating. This is what makes them different from rest of us. Hence, our major focus should be the about the type of food we eat. After all, we are what we eat. All we need is approximation of every scoop we put into our mouth. This doesn’t mean calculating the amount of calories or vitamins before eating a particular food. It is all about balanced diet.

The importance of balanced diet has to be kept in mind every time. A gram of carbohydrates has 4 calories, a gram of protein has 4 calories, and a gram of fat has 9 calories. Now can you calculate when you consume 100 gm of butter, how many useless calories you actually store inside your body? Think before you eat, because being a smart eater doesn’t hurt at all.

The combination of these vitamins, proteins and minerals make the base of our diet. The natural stuff, such as green leafy vegetables, fruits and salads provides essential nutrients required by our body. Seeds provide essential fatty acids, needed for making good cholesterol. Checkout for flax seeds and walnut as these are huge source of fiber. The protein we get from consuming meat is much needed for the reparation going on in our muscles. However, if you are vegetarian then you must consume plenty of green salad, milk and dairy products like cheese, curd, butter, etc.