Top 10 Best GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL Apps For Android

Are You Preparing for GRE, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT or searching for tools to make your preparations easier and earn good score?  In case you hadn’t noticed teenagers who are more stick to the Smartphone screen than to anything else around .Why to recommend printed test preparation material when you have interactive featured Android apps to make your preparation more of fun. So, here we have compiled the list of best 10 Android apps which will make your study preparation easier and more organized, so check them out:-

GRE Quantitative Formulae

If you know how to solve the problems, but don’t know about the exact formulae which is to be used in it can definitely put you in a complicated situation. In this case, this GRE Quantitative Formulae app is a perfect app especially intended for you to assist you anytime and anywhere in your need. So, get any formulae anytime according to your need from this useful android GRE app.

Ultimate GRE Prep

This is one of the best Android app if you are looking for problem solving questions comprising of verbal and qualitative section. This app will help you to solve questions in the constrained time limit.

GRE Quantitative Ability Quiz

GRE Quantitative Ability Quiz is an android GRE app which consists of 20 questions to check your aptitude. In this app, you can easily write the tests and prove your skills.

GRE verbal reasoning Quiz

A GRE app by skill sign is basically designed to enhance your verbal skills score. This android based GRE app quiz has 5 tests along with more than hundreds of questions. So, practice them from anywhere and anytime and enhance your skills and scores.

TOEFL Flashcards

This app will help you to prepare for TOEFL in more amazing way. It will help you to prepare for TOEFL through different ways like slideshows, quizzes, matches, which helps to make your learning more exciting .This Flashcards will help you to learn things in the shorter span and never forget them easily.

SAT Vocab

It’s one of the best Android apps if you are preparing for SAT exam. This application helps to practice multiple choice questions and study the answers and their explaination and even allows sharing your experience and learning who are studying nearby.

Edupath SAT Prep and College Search

This powerful tool helps in your SAT Preparation by focusing on your weaker areas and strengthen them. Secondly, it helps you to search for the best college which suites your need.

GMAT Timer

An effective application which will helps you to budget your time by practicing questions as a constrained exam or a particular section and earn good score in GMAT exam.

Word Learner Vocab Builder GRETop

This app helps you to build strong vocab if you are preparing for competitive exams like GRE, SAT, XAT, GMAT, etc. This app is both available for free and pro versions. It includes features like collection of thousand important words, filter based search, test mode.

GRE Quantitative Formulae

This Andoid app consists of a formula which helps to solve quantitative section in GRE. The formulae are classified according to the topic and by simple interface it makes your learning more easy and fun.