Why MacBook? | Apple MacBook Pros and Reasons To Buy a MacBook

Mac laptops :

Produced by Apple, Mac laptops are one of the best in business. They combine a highly developed graphical user interface along with some of the best security features possible. Mac laptops presently run on a Mac OS X that had been developed in house by Apple in 1997. OS combines features from a now extinct NEXT operating system and the main structure is provided by Mach developed by Carnegie University.

Currently there are two models in the Mac laptop range, MacBook pro and MacBook air. Unlike other Apple products that use in house apple chipsets the Mac laptops come with an option of intel i5 and i7 processors. Hard disk memory ranges from 128 gigabytes to 512 gigabytes. RAM capacity varies from 4 gigabyte DDR3 to 16 gigabyte DDR3. Mac OS X is standard but versions vary from lion to mountain lion. This naming the versions of Mac by the name of a big cat is a tradition of Apple. The first ever Mac OS X that came out was known as the cheetah.

Display is not anything below standard as well. With a 13.3 inch screen capable of high resolution display and other display enhancing features it will easily surpass the competition. Graphics is taken care of by an Intel Iris graphics processor. Connectivity is provided by wireless LAN and the latest version of Bluetooth. A 720pixel Face Time high definition camera takes care of video calls and other requiring applications.

Mac laptops are highly desirable among students, scholars and researches. This is because that Mac operating systems which these laptops use has a UNIX extension in its architecture and can handle highly demanding software and codes that are frequently used by its clientele. Mac laptops also have a long battery life of 9 hours. These are truly the first performance laptops that one can use all day.
The security features of these laptops are state of the art too. Only the administrator can specify what data is to be downloaded and what files to be deleted. It is not that liberal with other users. This makes safekeeping of research documents and other important files much easier.

Apple products have a certain aura of class and elegance associated with its ownership. This makes ownership an even more cherished experience. Only Achilles heel of these are their price. They exceed their competition by quite a large margin. But that’s a sacrifice all can make in lure of a Mac laptop.