Download Google Play 5.0 Apk Free | Update Play Store Manually To Google Play 5.0

Google Play

The one stop app store for all the Android devices, Google Play Store, has got an update with several improvements and slightly modified interface. The current version of the Google Play is 5.0.31 ad has rolled out to Nexus 5 soon to be in other Android devices.

As Google has already announced about the next Android OS update, Android L or Android Lollipop which is version Android 5.0, there might be a drastic change in the interface, app configurations and many more in the OS which ultimately lead to pre-launch of Play Store update.

It has been like that, an update to Play Store pops-up just before the official launch of the OS update. But this time its the biggest update ever for Android and a lot of changes to the UI is expected.

Download Google Play 5.0 Apk Free | Update Play Store Manually To Google Play 5.0

Google Play 5.0

Key Changes In Google Play 5.0

  1. More flatter interface for the users
  2. Text and color changes, effective and playful
  3. Different colors for different categories in Play Store
  4. Minor animations which enhance the navigation for the user
  5. Google Material Design make over once again

How To Update Google Play Store Manually To Google Play 5.0

Below is the step by step process of installing Google Play 5.0 manually in your Android device.

  1. Download the Google Play 5.0 Apk from here : Google Play 5.0
  2. Transfer the Apk in to your mobile.
  3. Make sure you have backed up all your app data and other data.
  4. Now, open the Apk in your Android mobile device.
  5. Follow the instructions and install it.
  6. After successfully installing, you must see the new interface of the Google Play 5.0

Is is always a better choice if you prefer updating Play Store with the regular update. However, there is any problem with the manual update or with the Apk provided.

In case if you experience any trouble with the installation, clear the cache from the device’s system data and try installing the Apk. NOTE : Restart after cleaning the cache.

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