Firefox OS Based Matchstick, An Affordable Alternative To Google Chromecast

MatchStick – Google Chromecast

When it comes to watching videos then everybody prefers a big screen for their view and that is the reason why Chromecast has been getting popular day by day. Another reason of success behind this device is the popularity of Android OS over the smartphones, as that was the main reason why Android took the pain of launching this device in the market. However, Firefox is another Open Source smartphone OS platform which is getting popular these days. Though it has been launched with low end devices but the consumer experience has been fairly decent on them. Hence, we may now expect to see Firefox OS on large screen mid-range devices as well.

Firefox OS Based Matchstick

Tapping on to this potential of Firefox smartphone OS, Matchstick and Mozilla have come forward to launch a device analogous to Google’s Chromecast by the name Matchstick. Obviously, this device has been developed for the Firefox smartphone users and with this they will also have the option to stream those Videos, Games, Music, and TV over their device screens or other larger screen devices having an HDMI port. The product is not available in the market or we should say that Matchstick is running their KickStarter campaign for the mass production of the devices.

Promoting the Developers for Matchstick

They have promised that once the first 250 prototypes of Matchstick is prepared, then they will be distributed among the developers to develop the applications for the device. The information regarding the same will be shared by Mozilla quite soon.

Matchstick Hardware Specification Details

The proudly claim that their hardware is lot better than Google’s Chromecast. They have selected a Dual Core Rockchip 3066 Processor and increased the onboard space to 4GB along with RAM memory of 1GB DDR3. Now it is obvious that with such a revamped hardware specifications it will be able to perform better in terms of caching the videos from your smartphone or tablet to your television.

This can also be concluded that this device is better than Google Chromecast but again, users may not come down to this device unless Firefox OS starts getting popular among the smartphones.

How Does Matchstick Work?

Well, this is easiest part to explain. Plug the Matchstick to the HDMI port of your TV and then make sure you have a working WiFi network in your house (Which is obvious these days). That’s it!! Now use your smartphone and stream the video on your TV. Matchstick connects your TV to the internet and then transfers the video from the smartphone to the HDMI port.

Final Verdict on Matchstick

The device is seemingly a great alternative to Chromecast, but then, it will not be in demand unless Firefox devices start rolling into the market, as we can use this device only with a Firefox OS based smartphone.

The kickstarter campaign of this device is still running and we will let you know when it is available in the market.