Nokia Lumia 735 Review | Hardware, Performance, Camera, Display And Battery

We all know that selfies are the new trend for the new smartphone acquirers and so the smartphone OEMs are trying their best to tap this opportunity. Recently Nokia has launched its new selfie snapper in UK, Australia and Canada by the name of Nokia Lumia 735 and it is pretty obvious that the unique selling proposition (USP) of this device is its front camera, which is of 5 MP. However, let us not pass the judgement right away and look into the details more specifically.


Nokia Lumia 735 Hardware and Performance

This device has a great finish which can also be seen on another device of its family known by the name of Nokia Lumia 830. Nokia Lumia 735 also has the same quality of plastic and the colour options. The feel of this device in your hands is also really light and slim, hence, it may give you the sense of a cheap plastic body but that’s not the reality (plastic is usually chosen in order to reduce the overall weight of a device).

We always mention this to our readers that Windows OS based smartphones do not require a high end processors as compared to the other Android devices. Hence, this Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 with 4 cores operating at the frequency of 1.2 GHz is enough for this Windows device to operate nominally. No UI lag has been observed in the initial stages of using this device. It also has 1GB RAM allotted to the device which further adds to its performance.

Nokia Lumia 735 Camera

This is the most interesting part of this device, where you will see the primary camera of 6.7MP. This figure is highly unusual in this market of smartphones and there is no specific reason behind this. The performance of this camera is fairly decent at this price point, especially when it has a focal length of 26mm which is larger than the usual figure of the smartphones in this price range.

The secondary camera on the device is of 5MP with an f2.4 aperture, which states that it will give you a nice selfy. This smartphone is all about taking a nice selfy and this secondary camera completely supports this fact.

Nokia Lumia 735 Display and Software

Nokia Lumia 735 has a display size of 4.7 Inches with HD resolution which provides you with the pixel density 312 pixel per inches. This degree of clarity is pretty fair in this price range and hence watching HD movies and playing games will not be a problem for your eyes.

The battery on this device is really good, keeping in mind that it is a Windows device with a battery strength of 2200 mAh. Unlike other Android device, they don’t discharge very quickly. Currently, the price has been speculated as 219 Pounds (U.K) but it is yet to be confirmed.

Final Verdict:

The device is really good in this price range and it shall be recommended to anyone in this price range because it will not offer any kind of UI Lag even after long years of usage unlike its other Android competitors. Apart from this, all the Selfie-Lovers should definitely choose this device under this price range.

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