Simple Tips To Save iPhone 6 Battery | iOS 8 Battery Saving Tips

iPhone comes with great features and applications, that a user can’t afford to miss at any cost. But with the latest and high definition output of the applications and features, there is one specific sphere where every good thing bows down, i.e. the battery!

Battery life of iPhone is notably well when it comes to the average use of the device, but in case of the iPhone’s use for internet based applications as well as high definition games and processes, the battery life drops down to dangerous low level in a very less time. So, what do we do to save the battery life and not just save, but make the battery life last longer?

Here are some of the best tips for iPhone users to save their iPhone’s battery and also to make the battery life last longer.

Thermal Conditions

It is one of the important factors which none of us think of. iPhone is supposed to be kept away from the effect of Sun’s rays. If your iPhone is exposed to direct sunlight, it may not only decrease the battery life, but the battery itself. So, avoid sun and increase the battery life of your iPhone.

Adjust Brightness

This also plays a crucial role in saving the battery life. You can opt for Auto-Brightness to make sure you have an extended battery life. To adjust it, just go to your iPhone’s settings, then brightness, then wallpaper and then finally adjust your brightness to auto or dim by dragging the slider.

Enable Wi-Fi, Say NO to Cellular Data

Always opt for Wi-fi rather than cellular data whenever possible, as it helps in saving the battery and consumes less power as compared to the cellular data.

Avoid Fetching New Data More Often

Your iPhone’s battery may drain at a faster pace as you fetch new data more often. Push E-mail and other features may also be turned off to save more battery. To turn off fetching of new data, tap to settings, then Mail, then Contacts and Calendars, and finally push it to off.

Lock Your iPhone

Keep your iPhone locked whenever you don’t require it to be used. This would help in increasing the battery life to a good extent. You can also opt for Auto-Lock feature to ensure that the screen gets locked after a set interval of inactivity.

Turn Off Location Service

To make your battery life last longer, turn off the location services as it sends and receives data in the background and drains the battery life. In order to turn off the location services, go to settings, tap on privacy and then location services. You can also choose to switch off the apps using location services manually.

Stop Push Notifications

Any application dealing with push notification might decrease your battery life significantly. So just stop all the push notifications by going to Settings, and then Notifications. You can manually decide to either keep a specific application or not. You can also change the alert style for iPhone to none, turn all the sounds off and even the badge app icon to off.

I guess these tips will make your iPhone battery last longer. So keep these tips in mind while travelling, because nothing sucks more than a dead battery while your hands are itching to play some music or capture pictures on your way to your loved ones.

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