Top 10 Unusual Benefits of Beer ( Benefits of Drinking Beer And Using Beer For Household Purposes)

A chilled bottle of beer is the favorite beverage of people in summers, but will you drink the leftover warm beer too? Most of the people will simply drain it away without a second thought. There are some creative ways by which beer can help us in our daily life.

1. Polish Furniture:

Take completely stale, flat beer and pour a little amount on a polishing cloth and then follow up with a dry buff. It will leave a much shiner and rich colored furniture, just like a traditional polish.

2. Get Better Sleep:

An element found in beer, hop, is known to be the herbal replacement for sleep inducing pills. If you are suffering from insomnia, try washing your pillow covers with beer, you might end up getting a good night’s sleep.

3. Skin Conditioning:

Are you willing to have a long soak in bath, today? Tip in a can of dark beer in your bath tub as beer works as an excellent skin conditioner. Make sure not to drink the water while bathing.

4. Relax Your Tired Feet:

After a long day at office, especially if you wear heels, your feet can be given a special treatment just by soaking in beer. Fill a container with warm water, covering your ankles, and add half bottle of beer in it. Just sit back and let the enzymes in beer soften the bumps on your footsies.

5. The Stain Remover:

Beer can serve as a quick replacement for carpet cleaners. Put a little brew on the stained area and allow it to soak in. Now, bolt the stain with a clean cloth. You will need soap and water to clean the remains of beer, and smell, from your ‘stain-free’ carpet.

6. Soothe Your Upset Stomach:

Whenever you have an upset tummy, just take a can of beer and sip it slowly. The alcohol has an anesthetic effect to relieve the pain. Not only this, it acts as a cure for hangover too. The sipping of beer is not advisable if you have ulcers.

7. Protect Your Garden:

Beer can naturally remove slugs – an irritating pest found in garden. No need to use harmful chemicals on vegetables now on. Bury a small saucer up to its lip in your garden and put fresh beer in it every day. Slugs will be attracted to the smell and get drown in the beer, leaving your vegetables all alone.

8. Add Luster to Your Hair:

Beer shampoo is available all over the market. However, you can make it at home just by adding a small portion of beer (boiled and cooled down later) to your regular shampoo or raw egg. Wash your hair once in a month with this mixture to give a new life to your otherwise dull hair. Soak you hair in beer and then lay in the sun to lighten your hair.

9. Loosen Rusty Bolts:

Rusted bolts and screws can give a headache to most of us. Just pour some beer on them and wait for the beer to work its magic. The carbonated solution will break up the rest and help to loosen the bolts also.

10. Get Rid of Mice:

Mice are undoubtedly the most irritable pests, which can end up destroying your books and clothes in your absence. Just like slugs, even mice are ‘in love’ with the smell of beer. Set out a few bowls of beer, with a small ramp leading up to the lip. The mice will be attracted to the smell of beer, drink it and will be unable to climb up afterwards.

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