Top 5 Best GIF Creator App For iPhone, iPad And iPOD

GIF Creator:

GIF creator is a very powerful app that can create as well as share GIF animations. With the help of GIF creator a user can make animations by means of pictures or camera. It can be sent to friends with only a single click. The GIF creator app has a number of useful features :

  • It can help out the users to view the animations that they have created
  • There are about 10 fascinating filters
  • The user can view the comments and ratings of the animations created by them
  • 30 seconds is the time limit provided for the animation
  • An user can relapse animation
  • The animations can be given suitable labels
  • The memory card can be used for saving the animations once viewed
  • The animations created by the users can be edited
  • There are different sections provided for grading the animations like top of the day, favourite, etc.

More and more number of users is making use of the GIF to gain increasing attention towards the contents they have created. The fun filled GIFs are capable of grabbing a fast notice of the friends. It is not necessary that the GIFs created by a user are essentially a challenging one. In order to create a GIF animation the user needs not to learn a lot of complicated software.

Here are 5 best GIF creator apps for your iPhone and iPad: Click on the App title to download the App.


Giffer App

This is a very powerful app that can help users to create any and every type of GIFs. It may be a cinemagraph, reverse GIF, time lapses and plenty more of such kind. The user is provided with more than 25 filters, photography tools for creating an animation, frames or borders, and loads of options for sharing.


MoQuu App

This GIF creator app can create pictures that can move. It works via the front and the rear cameras of the iPhone. It allows the user to pertaining effects, use as many as 30 frames for automatic or manual exposure and set up frame hindrances. This app can be acquired for free but further up gradation can be made for obtaining more from it.

 My Face When:

MyFaceWhen iPhone App

This app facilitates the user to discover, create and share animated GIFs along with other users to be very easy. Not only that the user can make use of in-app camera for creating their individual GIFs, but can also search for more that can be accessed with the help of this app.


GIF-SHOP App for iPhone

With the help of this app the user can obtain photographs within the app or can bring in photographs to create the users own GIFs. The user can follow up what had been created very easily. The supported export sizes are 500px, 400px and 300px.


Echograph App For iPhone

This GIF creator app is not an average one. It allows the user to make stunning moving pictures which can be further shared on the Twitter, Facebook and Tumbler.