Windows Media Encoder 9 Download | Media Encoder 9 Series Details And Where Abouts

Windows Media Encoder 9 :

Windows media encoder is a free of cost and easily downloadable media encoder developed by Microsoft. It enables content developers to convert or capture previously recorded audio clips, video clips and screen images for live and on demand delivery. It is a successor of NetShow encoder. Windows media encoder was available and compliant with operating systems up to windows vista. Latest information in the official website of Microsoft shows it is not compatible with windows 7 and further.

Windows media encoder can encode videos using windows media video versions 7, 8 and 9. Audio encoding uses a number of windows media audio versions and profiles and a voice speech codec. Content can also be created as uncompressed audio and video. This makes it an effective tool for content developers.

Windows media 9 enables two pass encodings to optimize quality on demand and also supports variable bit rate. The graphical user interface application in this case is actually a wrapper of the application itself. Bundled with the program are applications like windows Media File editor and Windows profile editor. Developers can write their own applications by using Visual studio to perform the same functions as of the encoder.

Windows media encoder studio edition was a separate version for windows media encoder 9 for segment encoding and multiple audio channels. It was eventually cancelled. Microsoft later launched the Expression encoder as a part of its expression studio suite.

Content developers can easily rely on this tool for capturing data while retaining frame accurate control. There is also a chance to protect live streams and broadcast the content as and when seemed fit by the operator. It can be also used to create multiple channel media. This makes possible for users to enjoy multi-channel sound and high definition video quality.

In addition windows media encoder can generate high quality sound after processing multi channel streams and make audio only content. Compression can also be fine tuned by the user because of the encoding modes included within the application.

This is a useful application mainly for professionals. But if you have any need for processing such high quality video and audio for any purpose of your own then you can always go ahead and download it at free of cost from the windows website. This is also a good alternative application to some other similarly performing and rather expensive applications from some other developers.

But because it comes from the house of Microsoft and is free of cost it has garnered a lot of popularity. Stability and ease of use has also made it a popular choice among users. The windows media encoder 9 can be downloaded from here :

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