10 Best Battery Saver Apps To Save iPad Battery

Battery Saving Apps For iPad

Developers all across the globe have successfully managed to deliver innovative apps to cater the increasing needs of the consumers. With the Apple’s iPad coming into existence, more and more apps are being installed and run on it due to its distinctive features and technology which is a class apart. But what a user wants now is a miracle app which lets his iPad battery life to boost and last longer. With more companies stepping into the developing business, it is difficult for the user what to choose from the long list of battery saving apps. That’s why I choose 10 best apps for you to save your iPad’s battery.

10 Best Battery Saver Apps To Save iPad Battery

Check out the following awesome apps:

1. Battery Manager:

This app seems like an average battery application, but there is an uncommon thing about it. It gives you a platform where you can regulate the use of your battery life to make sure you get the maximum output. Highly recommended.

Download Battery Manager From Here : App Store

2. Battery Magic Elite:

This app enables you to monitor the exact time taken to charge the iPad’s battery to full. It features the Battery status indicators too, which further help to track main processes and toggle their use to on or off.

Download Battery Magic Elite From Here : App Store

3. Battery Boost Pro:

From tips and tricks to certain a longer battery life to an elegant battery monitor, battery boost pro has it all. Having an interface which is user friendly, this app is worth a use.

Download Battery Boost Pro From Here : App Store

4. Battery Power Pro:

A bit different from rest, this app helps you manage your charging trend as it tells you the time remaining to charge your iPad. With different colors for different battery levels, this app has surely an edge over others.

Download Battery Power Prower Pro From Here : App Store

5. Battery:

This app is clean and simple. Having the most basic interface, this app emphasizes upon being more close to the purpose of it, i.e. saving battery. This is best for users who just want their battery to be saved without caring about charging status and all.

Download Battery From Here : App Store

6. System Status Lite:

As the name suggests, this application gives you the battery status and the disk status all clubbed together, which is not seen in other apps. This app makes it easier to take control of your iPad in case of multiple processes and apps are working on it.

Download System Status Lite From Here : App Store

7. Battery Master Pro:

Battery Master Pro gives you the estimated time of working of your apps until the battery collapses. In addition to that, it also automatically detects the data on your iPad making your work easier.

Download Battery Master Pro From Here : App Store

8. Battery Life Magic Pro:

Need quick tips to save more battery? Then this particular app is designed just for you. This app not only saves battery life, but also gives best tips and tricks on how to save battery on your iPad.

Download Battery Life Magic Pro : App Store

9. Battery Doctor:

Are you interested in knowing what is actually happening inside your iPad? Battery Doctor will take care of that. From internal battery usage by other apps to the time required for its next charge, this app has everything statistically lined up for you.

Download Battery Doctor From Here : App Store

10. Battery Life Pro:

Bored of the same clichéd battery apps? Try Battery Life Pro which offers not only save your iPad’s valuable battery life, but you can also change its theme within the app at anytime you require or wish to. Amazing, isn’t it?

Download Battery Life Pro From Here : App Store

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