Download IObit Malware Fighter 2015 For PC | Mac | Windows


The free IObit Antivirus 2015 or the Malware Fighter is a hardcore antivirus gadget that gives real-time protection from Trojans, spyware, adware, keyloggers, worms, hijackers and bots. It can remove the innermost virus and all types of wicked software. It is the second time effort of the developer to create a security tool that is capable of protecting the PC from malicious threats.

It makes use of an exclusive Dual-Core mechanism as well as the heuristic malware exposure to find out the maximum intricate malware and spyware in an efficient and speedy method.

The antivirus software offers security from harmful threats like Browser Guard, Startup Guard, File Guard, Cookie Guard, Network Guard, Process Guard, Malicious-Action Guard and USD Disk Guard.

Download IObit Malware Fighter 2015 For PC | Mac | Windows

Download IObit Malware Fighter 2015 For PC | Mac | Windows

With a very satisfactorily designed interface, IObit Antivirus 2015 comprises of all kind of tools a user requires to have a safe experience in browsing. The window Overview allows the user to ensure the position of the computer at a glimpse. The Scan module proffers three varieties of scan namely Smart, Full and Custom. The Protect part consists of 8 system shields and there is the Cloud tab that permits the users to scrutinize doubtful files present online.

The eight protective shields present in IObit Antivirus, guard the start-up of the computer, presently active progressions, cookies and other various elements. If the program detects any kind of unsafe activity in motion, then the prospectively hazardous files will instantaneously be sent to Cloud.

The IObit Antivirus or the Malware Fighter can be easily used. A little extra presence of documentation and configuration settings would be of immense use. It also seems to be a little more enthusiastic while tests were carried out spotting the standard advertisements as spyware.

To be precise, IObit Antivirus is a well designed protection tool that provides real-time safeguard against spyware.

There are a number of newly added features to this software like

  • In order to reinforce the protection of the weak system, especially in case of Windows XP, extra security had been reinforced.
  • The support of languages like Arabic, Hebrew, and Thai are added.
  • The compatibility is improved in order to sustain additional antivirus programs.
  • The update errors are set.
  • The failure error during launching is fixed up.
  • The general bugs are set.   
  • The users need to consider a few things during installation of this application –
  • It provides change preference for the web-browser’s homepage that is installed within the system
  • It provides modification options for the search engines of the web-browsers present that are default
  • Provides scope for installation or downloading of software or other components that are not needed to function fully.

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