Top 5 Best Volume Boosters For Android 2015 | 5 Best Android Volume Boosters

Listening to music on your mobile phone or tablet is in vogue with music aficionados taking phones or tablets especially for the purpose. In doing this, they wish to gain an excellent musical experience, which they can get only if they have applications compatible with their mobile phones or tablets. Today I am here to tell you about the five best apps for volume boosters for Android 2014. Installing these apps will improve the quality and pitch of the sound emanating from your phone or tablet. We generally use volume boosters to amplify the volume of sound coming from a gadget.

You can use any of the applications mentioned below for this purpose.

  1. Speaker Booster

Speaker Booster is an application that allows you to enhance the volume of your speakers or headphones by almost 15 to 30% which is appreciable by normal standards. It is a simple and lightweight application that can be easily installed on your smart phone or tablet.

  1. Music Volume EQ

This application has been developed especially for music connoisseurs. This is a complete equalizer for your Android gadget, whether it is a phone, phablet or a tablet. What is more, it also lets you modulate music of all types with its equalizer of five bands. You can thus customize your music as per your taste.

  1. Equalizer

This application enables its users to enhance their experience of the type of music they hear, whether it is Rock, Latin, Dance, etc. Also available is a 5-band equalizer, which allows the user to customize the type of music one wants to hear. With an innate ability to allow you to enjoy surround sound, this application also incorporates a volume booster within it.

  1. Sound Booster

This application is commonly used when the user wishes to play music on his Android gadget in parties. It helps to amplify the volume of the music to such an extent that it helps the phone ring louder and plays the music or video at a higher pitch. You can also restore the volume back to the original as and when required.

  1. Music Equalizer

Another sound equalizer that is apt to enhance the quality of the music coming out of your Android gadget, this application has nine EQ types based on the type of music you wish to hear and prefer. It also has a five band equalizer that allows you to create your own favorite music What is more, its desktop widget allows you to have on hand the main controls at all times so that you can adjust the volume of the music that you play.

These are five best volume boosters for Android 2014, which will help you improve the quality of music you hear from your Android gadget. You can use the appropriate app depending on the type of music you would like to hear.


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