10 Best Android RPG Games of 2015 | Top 10 Best RPG Games For Android Devices

Are you hands itching to play a video game? The ancient trend of playing the video games has now been passed on to cellular phones or tablets. Today, I am here to tell you about the 10 best Android RPG Games of the year 2014 available in the market. RPG games are basically role playing games which are now available to be installed on your cell phones or tablets. This category of games are said to have a crazy fan-following in the mobile gaming industry.


Developed by Mika Mobiles, this game is a combination of strategy gaming and role playing. This game leads you into a fantasy world created by an Android game, that lets you establish heroes. Your job is to guide them to fight their epic battles.

Heroes of Loot

This ubiquitous game, brought out by Orange Pixel, lets you fight foes inside a dungeon which features skulls, Cyclops, imps, Minotaur’s and other enemies. As you become better and better at playing the game, your opponents become more and more dangerous. Interesting, isn’t it?

The Bard’s Tale

This game is for people who love games with a good story and excellent presentation. It has been developed by InXile Entertainment, for people who wish to experience hours of unadulterated enjoyment, humor and role-playing gameplay elements. Its unique feature is that it is available in the 3D format.

Shadowrun Returns

This Harebrained Schmes cyberpunk based RPG, takes you to the year 2054, where you will have to deal with mythical characters in a magical and techno-savvy world. In this game, you play the role of a shadow runner trapped in a world full of life-sucking corporations.


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The Forest of Doom

This game is for those gaming nerds who are open for a quick storytelling and gaming experience. This Ian Livingstone classic is a nostalgic throwback to the times when simple gaming was in vogue. Play this RPG for an excellent experience of gaming in the 80s.

Sorcery! 2

Steve Jackson of Inkle Studios was responsible for bringing out this new turn-style-choose-your own-adventure filled RPG. This game takes you into a town full of robbers and killers who are on the edge of destruction. You will encounter ghosts; lay your bets, pray in front of strange idols and much more.

9th Dawn

Those who like old-school RPGs like Ultima are bound to like this RPG developed by Valorware. This game gives you a combination of traditional and modern RPG gameplay elements which gives you the best of both worlds.

Knights of Pen and Paper +1

This Paradox Interactive and Behold Studios developed retro style game takes its inspiration from a number of other games of the 90s. Its +1 edition lets the gamer explore new dungeons; launch more attacks in battle and also offers a place to store his characters.

Final Fantasy VI

Launched almost 20 years ago, this Final Fantasy series game is available to play on your android device now. It lets you take complete control of the heroes in a story that speaks about all the characters at the same time. The dramatic performance from all the characters is worth-watching

The World Ends With You

Stunning HD visuals and an addictively slick combative system characterize this Square Enix developed game which is proving to be the best RPG from the Square Enix stable. Here you get to control a boy named Neku who wakes up in the center of Tokyo in response to a text message he receives.

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