Top 10 Best RPG iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPOD) Games Of 2015 (Online and Offline)

The craze for playing video games has assumed such gargantuan proportions that game developers are falling over each other to develop games for mobiles and tablets. They are leaving no stone unturned to compel customers to buy from them. Let us have a look at the 10 best IOS RPG games of 2014 that have come into the market.

Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends is the most action-oriented game among the 10 best IOS RPG games of 2014 as users experience it more like an action game rather than a traditional RPG. The most striking part of this game is the tremendous variety of pets you can acquire for attacking your enemies or gathering your loot.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced edition

This game offers the experience of a classic party based RPG, in which players crawl along the path of forgotten realms. With extremely colorful characters and well-written dialogue, the character traits of the protagonists in the game keep you riveted to the party. For Dungeons and Dragons purists, this game is a must play.


This is a very popular reincarnation of a PC-based RPG in which players seek to control a kid who is on a mission to put together the world around him, that has fallen apart. An absolutely evocative narrator, a distinct fantasy setting and polished art style sets all add up to a stupendous gaming experience.

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf is based on the small fantasy world of the author Joe Dever. This game is the most literary oriented among the 10 best IOS RPG games of 2014. In this game, players pick up characters based on their inherent traits and then engage in combat with their enemies.

Ocean Horn

This game is a throwback to the times of the Nintendo Zelda games. Here players take on the role of a nameless kid who is out to rid the world of an ancient evil, which is going to destroy the world. On delving deeper into his life, gamers discover that his father too tried to do the same.

Order and Chaos Online

This game is the closest one can get to the famous War of Warcraft games that have made mobile games a fad. In this game, players pick up their class, race and faction and engage in RPG actions while launching quests, partying with others online, hoarding loot and gaining new character traits as the game progresses.

Ravens Word: Shadow Lands

Ravens word is the closest you can get to playing Elder scrolls on your tablets. The latter is a very renowned online game that has made online gaming very popular. This game is apt for those who want to engage in combat in a big world, which has a lot of back-story to tell.


Sorcery!2 puts players bang in the middle of Steve Jackson’s well known fantasy world. In this game, players drive the story by making decisions when selecting heroes. Also incorporated is a proper betting system to make it more interesting.

Super Brothers: Sword and Sorcery

This game has a very diverse mix of the traditional and the modern games available in the market. The graphics are composed of stylish pixel art in an age when 3D gaming dominates.

Walking Dead: The Game

The Walking Dead is as highly revered among avid gamers because of the show of the same name. In this renowned game, players follow the character of Lee Everett through an apocalypse and guide him in taking decisions of life and death.

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