Iggy Azalea’s Phone Number Leaked By Papa John’s Driver

Iggy Azalea was just ordering a cheese pizza but to test who is her biggest fan is! Hours before the start of the Grammy’s, Iggy burst out on Papa John’s tweeting on her twitter with an image that shows what happened to her and how irritating 100s of messages from unknown people be like.

According to the tweets, Iggy Azalea loves Papa John’s pizza and was ordering one just like others. But, the driver who had the order leaked or gave her personal phone number to some family friends who started texting her with messages that say they are big fans of her and was expecting a reply from here. 100s of such messages started flooding to her phone in just few hours and she then had to outburst her anger on Papa John’s, the employe. he who leaked her phone number.

The report also includes that Iggy Azalea asked for the photo IDs of the drivers so she could recognize the one who leaked her phone number and had him charged may be, but Papa John’s refused to deliver such information as it might de-fame the franchise in any possible way.

Here are Iggy Azalea’s tweets about Papa John’s :

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