Top 10 Best Horror Movies Of 2001

Dead rising from the ashes take the audience for a horror ride and to add up the spice, comes various stories which were never thought of. The year 2001 had so much to give in the horror genre of movies.

Sneak a peek at my personal favorite top 10 horror movies of 2001.


  • Director – Ernest Dickerson
  • Star Cast – Snoop Dogg, Pam Grier, Michael T. Weiss, Clifton Powell

This is a story of a man, Jimmy Bones who is killed by a tainted cop. 20 years after his death; he comes back as a ghost to take revenge from him. The cop has no clue about the terror ride he’s going to have. Full of terror, this movie makes the head spin!

The Devil’s Backbone

  • Director – Guillermo del Toro
  • Star Cast – Stephen Dorff, Natascha McElhone, Stephen Rea

After death of his father in a civil war in Spain, a 10 year old boy Carlos is kept in an orphanage. As Carlos tries to adjust himself in the new place, he finds out that the orphanage has not just cruel caretakers but something weird and demonic too! Then follows a violent encounter and horrific torture spree.


  • Director – Kiyoshi Kurosawa
  • Star Cast – Haruhiko Katô, Kumiko Asô, Koyuki

Strange things start to happen to a group of friends after one of their friend commit suicide. At first, one of them sees the image of their friend on walls and later, they see ghostly images all over their computers. They believe that he might be contacting them, but is it just their illusion or something more gruesome is going to happen?

Mermaid Chronicles Part 1: She Creature

  • Director – Sebastian Gutierrez
  • Star Cast – Rufus Sewell, Carla Gugino, Jim Piddock

This is an unusual story where a mermaid is abducted from Ireland, Circa 1900, by Sewell and Gugino and later they decide to take her to USA.  But this plan fails as they lose the track of the ship and head towards an island full of mystery and terror.

Trouble Everyday

  • Director – Claire Denis
  • Star Cast – Vincent Gallo, Tricia Vessey, Béatrice Dalle

An American couple Shane and June goes out to Paris for their honeymoon after Shane has a medical problem of libido. He consults a self-exiled expert, who has the same problem and learns to be the doctors’ wife. But her condition is extreme as she is kept behind doors to save her and others from any harm. See what happens when Shane meets this woman.


  • Director – Bill Paxton
  • Star Cast – Bill Paxton, Matthew McConaughey, Powers Boothe, Matt O’Leary

As Fenton Meiks confesses to the FBI agent Wesley Doyle about his, his brother and father’s hand in recent murders around the city because of his father’s misbelieve of having a mission to vanish the demons. The story becomes more horrific as Doyle asks him to show the victims’ graves!

Thirteen Ghosts

  • Director – Steve Beck
  • Star Cast – Tony Shalhoub, Shannon Elizabeth, Embeth Davidtz

This is a story of a hardcore collector of things, Cyrus Kriticos, who has a collection of numerous unique things. Upon his death, his entire property and wealth is inherited by Arthur and his two children. But they are unaware of the fact that Cyrus had also collected 13 ghosts inside the house. See how they attempt to release them all and come out of the terror house safe.

Session 9

  • Director – Takashi Shimizu
  • Star Cast – Megumi Okina, Misaki Itô, Misa Uehara

In Tokyo, a house is infested by two ghosts, one of a woman who is barbarically put to death by her husband and second, her son. Watch how they haunt and chase the people who share the house with them. A supernatural and horrific film to watch for!

The Others

  • Director – Gore Verbinski
  • Star Cast – Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson, Brian Cox

An unusual death case is doing rounds in the city as four youngsters die watching a videotape. Journalist Rachel Keller opts to investigate the case as her niece is one of the dead youngsters. She finds that there is a curse involving the video tape that says whoever would watch the videotape must die within seven days. Now it’s the battle against time for Rachel and her son to save their life.

Jeep Creepers

  • Director – Victor Salva
  • Star Cast – Gina Philips, Justin Long, Jonathan Breck, Patricia Belcher

A brother sister duo while going back home after a spring break witness a man dumping something mysterious. Curious to know what he dumped down the tunnel, they decide to check it. What waits for them is fully modified human bodies and flesh eating creature waiting to feast on his last day of eating spree!

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