Download Calendars 5 For PC (Mac, Windows)

Calendars 5 by Readdle

Download Calendars 5 For PC (Mac, Windows)

Calendar is a great tool in a smartphone that is used to keep a track of daily activities and events. It comes as a handy tool when one needs to remember an important engagement or a task and get reminded of the same at an appropriate time. Calendars 5 is an app that not only serves the basic function, but also performs the function of a task manager, allowing you to re-imagine what a calendar app can do. Not only this, the app also comes with a support for sync with the Google Calendar that helps you access your details via any other device by simply signing up. Even if you are offline, the detail of events and tasks will be synchronized as soon as you go online.

Download Calendars 5 For iOS: App Store

Get this first-class and smart calendar for your iOS device, be it your iPhone or an iPad. The interface of this app is easy to use as well as elegant, allowing you to quickly view your saved tasks. Different views are available, including lists, month, day and week views, which can be switched into each smoothly, while you can always return to the ‘Today’ schedule with a single click.

You can purchase this app directly from the App Store for your iOS device or follow some simple steps below to use it on your PC.

iPadian: For Installing Calendars 5 iOS App On PC

  • Download iPadian iOS Emulator and install it on your PC.
  • Open iPadian and use the search bar to search for Calendars 5 app.
  • Click on install after finding the Calendars 5 by Readdle.
  • Once Calendars 5 app is successfully installed on iPadian, you can start playing this app on PC.

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