Download HOME: Boov Pop! For PC (Mac, Windows)

HOME: Boov Pop by Behaviour Interactive, Inc

Download HOME: Boov Pop! For PC (Mac, Windows)

Puzzles improve mental abilities, where games of this genre are a huge fun and entertainment for gaming lovers. HOME: Boov Pop serves as a twist to this genre with its mechanism defying the laws of physics accompanied by amazing 3D graphics. This is a match 3 game, but with an entirely different gameplay as compared to that offered by traditional ones. This game is inspired by an animation film from DreamWorks, wherein you need to make bouncy and colorful Boovs pop up by matching 3 or more. Try to enhance the size of the POP by making more connections in a row.

Download HOME: Boov Pop For iOS: App Store

Another important feature of this game is that you have a choice of multiple characters, Captain Smek, Tip and Oh, taken from the movie. Each character has a unique special power that would help you progress through difficult levels. Use the Moody Pop of Oh or the Gravity Ball of Tip to unlock more fun and entertainment. Also, intergalactic enemies have been added to the game that will be trying to block your way and prevent you from advancing in the game. Explore the awesomeness of bubble physics, presented with wonderful 3D graphics on your iOS device.

However, you can also enjoy the popping fun on your PC with the following steps.

iPadian: For Installing HOME Boov Pop iOS Game On PC

  • Download iPadian iOS Emulator and install it on your PC.
  • Open iPadian and use the search bar to search for HOME Boov Pop game.
  • Click on install after finding the HOME Boov Pop by Behaviour Interactive, Inc.
  • Once HOME Boov Pop game is successfully installed on iPadian, you can start playing this game on PC.

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