Download Striker Arena For PC (Mac, Windows 8, 10)

Striker Arena by Wizcorp

Download Striker Arena For PC (Mac, Windows 8, 10)

Soccer is a well-liked game in the world today and several developers have presented different variations of this game for fans. Here is another version that allows you to travel to the ancient world of Gods and explore different tribes in action. Ancient tribes, on a distant planet, used to play the Soccer of Gods for settlement every decade, under their Emperor’s authority. Join the fiercest and the bravest tribes, including Samurai, Vikings and Gladiators to play this 3D tactical-action, fantasy game. Experience the fun of playing without any rules, where you need to strike a goal by any means and the multiplayer mode allows side-by-side play between 2 people on a same device.

  • Download Striker Arena For iOS 8: App Store

The game is comprised of 2 modes, including the quick match mode and the story mode. Play the quick mode with your friend or advance through the story by clearing 48 challenges. There are 8 special abilities to be discovered, which need to be used in 3 different AI difficulty levels to record a win. The awesome chiptune music bounds you to play the game for long and you can also share your rankings and achievements through the Game Center.

Play the modern interesting soccer with an ancient makeover on your iOS device or be a part of the story through your PC with the following steps.

iPadian: For Installing Striker Arena iOS Game On PC

  • Download iPadian iOS Emulator and install it on your PC.
  • Open iPadian and use the search bar to search for Striker Arena game.
  • Click on install after finding the Striker Arena by Wizcorp.
  • Once Striker Arena game is successfully installed on iPadian, you can start playing this game on PC.

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