How To Create Folders on iPhone, iPad, iPod| New Folders On iPad, iPhone, iPOD

iPhone folders enable the users to cut back litter on their iPod, iPad or iPhone’s home screen and cluster similar apps along. Let me explain this better with the help of an example – With the creation of a folder, you’ll be able to place all of your social networking applications into one place and have them take up only one icon on the screen, instead of several pages containing various icons. It makes all the relevant applications go together in one place and makes it easier to access them. As long as you are running iOS 4 or higher, you’ll be able to produce folders within a few clicks.

Creating or making folders on iPhone, iPad or iPod is a very easy task. It takes around one or two minutes for the whole process. Here is the detailed explanation of the complete process.


To create a folder in your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you will need a minimum of 2 apps to place within the folder. Select the ones you would like to place in the folder. Do you want to make a folder for games? Select Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run and Subway Surfers.


Tap and hold on in each of the app till all apps on the screen begin shaking. This can be an identical method as you employ to re-arrange apps.


Drag one in every of the apps onto the opposite. Once the primary app looks to merge into the second, take your finger off the screen.

This may reveal the folder.


What you see next differs counting on what version of the iOS you are running. In iOS 4-6, you will see the 2 apps and a space for the folder in a little strip across the screen. However, in iOS seven and better, the folder and its name can take up the whole screen. If you would like to feature a lot of apps to the folder, faucet the wallpaper or press the home button and keep dragging them into this space.


You can edit the folder name at this stage (or later) by tapping the name and using the keyboard available onscreen.


After adding all the selected apps to the desired folder and editing the name, click the Home button and all the changes will be saved to the device.


For editing an existing folder, tap on the folder and hold till it starts to move. Tap it twice and the bottom of the screen will reveal contents of the folder. Drag the apps in or out to add them or remove them respectively. Tap on the text to edit the name. Click Home button when you are done with the desired changes. Everything that is changed or edited will be saved automatically.

  • In order to delete a specific folder, drag all the apps out one by one of the desired folder and then press the Home button to save the modification done. This would delete the folder as well as its contents.

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