How To Save iPhone and iPad Photos To Computer| Transfer Photos From iPhone, iPad To PC

The best way to capture a memorable moment and freeze it forever is through the photos. iPhone and iPad are known for their camera quality and the users don’t require any other additional camera to click pictures. But when you have load of pictures to click, the memory of your iPhone and iPad might create hassles for you as it stores the information and data for other applications as well. Some of the people don’t like cluttering their devices and like to keep their iPhone and iPad clean. This is how you can save your photos from an iPhone and iPad to your computer. 

Save Photos to a Mac

There are many options to choose from when it comes to saving your photos to a Mac. You can use iPhoto, Aperture or Image Capture in a Mac to save all the photos from your iPhone and iPad.


Step-1: When you connect your iPhone and iPad to your Mac, the iPhoto automatically detects the device and shows you the pictures you need to save in your Mac.

Step-2: In case, you want to save all the photos from your iPhone and iPad, click on “Import all” option.

Step-3: If you want to save some of the photos from your iPhone and iPad, you can manually select the photos by pressing the command key and then select the “import selected” option.


Aperture is a tool which makes the saving of photos easier in a Mac. When you start saving your photos in Aperture, it creates a cluster of photos in a project automatically. It makes the review of photos much easier.  

Image Capture

It is another tool through which you can save your photos directly to Mac. You can follow the under given procedure in order to save photos.

Step-1: Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac, and then switch it on.

Step-2: Open Image Capture and select your iPhone or iPad in the Devices’ list.

Step-3: From the Import To pop-up menu, choose the destination folder of saving all the pictures by opening the “Import to” menu.

Step-4: In case some photos are to be saved, manually select those photos, then select Import. In case all photos are to be saved, choose Import All.

Import media to a Windows PC

Before saving your photos on a windows PC, there are a few things that need to be taken care of. Firstly, unlock your iPhone and iPad in case it is password protected. Secondly, make sure that your iPhone and iPad trust the PC in which the photos are to save. After carefully checking this, you are ready to import the photos to your windows PC. Here are the steps.

Step-1: Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC via USB.

Step-2: Turn on your iPhone or iPad. As the device turns on, an Autoplay box appears.

Step-3:  click on the Import pictures and videos using Windows.

Step-4:  All your photos are imported to a folder having name of the date of import.

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