What is PDF File format? How Many File Formats Can A PDF Be Converted To?

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What is PDF File format? How Many File Formats Can A PDF Be Converted To?

PDF globally was developed in 1990. The product was developed originally by adobe, however in 2008 they passed on the proprietary rights to ISO. In simple terms the function of a PDF document is to create an electronic image of any document that you can print. This could be a word document or an excel sheet or even an image. The beauty about this product is that any document of this format if converted in pdf can be read by anyone and everyone. All that the user on the other end would need is a pdf reader. Most of the software companies provide free pdf reader software. So anyone can download it within minutes.

While most of us are aware of the pdf reader and also about the software that can convert different file formats into pdf format, there are many who may wonder how and which formats can be converted to pdf. In this article we shall be discussing the same.

There are many software that are available for converting pdf to file format. There are a number of software in market which specifically performs the conversion task.

These software come handy just in case you need to make some edits or make some addition or deletion in your document. Sometimes it may also happen that you don’t have the original copy of your document which you need to edit. In this case you can use these software.

How many File formats can a PDF be converted to?

As we just discussed the list of the file formats that a pdf can be converted into other documents is not as big as the vice versa situation. Following are some of the types of software available to convert the pdf to other document:

  1. DOC : You can convert pdf to a word document and then make the required edits
  2. XLS: You can convert the document into an excel sheet
  3. HTML: This is language that is used to expand the online documents.
  4. BMP: BMP is also known as bitmap. This is used to save the images in bitmap format.
  5. JPG: JPG is the most common format of images. You can convert your pdf document into image format using the software.
  6. GIF: Gif is one type of bitmap. This is very popular amongst many users in graphically displaying the content.
  7. WMF: WMF is another image format that the pdf can convert into
  8. PNG: PNG is a popular image format that is probably used next to jpg. You can convert the pdf to this as well
  9. EPS: This is used to display graphics in the form of graphic based images.
  10. TIFF: Again an image file format which does not compromise on the quality of the product
  11. TXT: This is the text file format that can be converted back from pdf format


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