Australians Fined For Downloading & Sharing Dallas Buyers Club Illegaly

With the rise of piracy tools, film industry has suffered a huge amount of revenue loss with illegal downloads across the world. In order to curb this menace, producers of the ‘Dallas Buyers Club’, a Hollywood Movie have taken steps to recover the loss from Australian audience. With reports released on Wednesday, it is expected that a Hollywood Production Company will send letters to around 5000 Australians, demanding reimbursement for downloading the movie from illegal sources.

A ruling from the landmark Federal Court issued orders for various Australian ISPs (internet service providers) to disclose identities of persons involved in illegal downloading. According to a report from Fairfax Media, ISPs are ordered to provide the identities of the account holders, whose connections have been used for illegal sharing of this Hollywood movie. Six telecom companies of Australia, Wideband Networks, Adam Internet, Amnet, Doddo, Internode and iiNet have been targeted by Voltage Pictures LLC &  Dallas Buyers Club LLC. They will seek personal details linked to over 4700 IP addresses, used for online sharing of movie via BitTorrent.

Michael Bradley, legal representative of the Matthew McConaughey-starring ‘Dallas Buyers Club in the piracy case stated that compensation will be sought by the company. Xinhua news agency mentioned that this is all what the film industry is all about as a lot of money has been lost.

Lori Flekser, IPAF (Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation)’s chief executive expressed content over this landmark piracy judgement. Adding to this, she has raised hopes that the act will serve as a deterrent to piracy, since the livelihood of independent filmmakers of Australia has been largely affected. She also mentioned about the serious piracy of 2 small Australian movies, The Little Death & Wyrmwood. She mentioned that these movies were not pirated when they were screened in cinemas, but when DVDs were released. According to Flesker, lifeblood of the industry is drained and potential investors of the future are frightened with piracy of every film.

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